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(Diabolik Lovers) Yandere! Reiji x Reader   Maddness

 Reiji never understood why she gave Kanato so much attention. He’s an abusive, reckless, bipolar, spoiled brat; even though Reiji was sadistic himself. But that’s not the point. Kanato always wants and clearly enjoys (Y/n). Reiji was baking a batch of cupcakes, 1 out of the 6 of them was poisoned that could kill anything that it consumed it even vampires. He well knew Kanato couldn’t resist sweets. It was almost like an entertainment to Reiji because he’ll never know when Kanato will eat that poisonous cupcake. Each day he would have one but much to Reiji’s disliking it didn’t happen…yet. A few days later it was down to the last cupcake. The fate of death waited for Kanato Sakamaki. During the time being Reiji was waiting near the kitchen eagerly to see Kanato in his final moments. He heard someone rummaging in the room, deciding to act innocent Reiji entered.


There was one thing he forgot…

“Oh good evening.” (Y/n) said warmly to him while taking small bites into the cupcake.

(Y/n) likes sweets as well.

He ran up to her and threw the cupcake away, it was half gone, “Why are you eating dessert before your dinner!?” He didn’t want to alarm her about what she ate.

She got startled, usually Reiji isn’t this mad about eating before din din, “I-I’m sorry Reiji! I was really hungry…” (Y/n)’s tone of voice seemed off.

Damn it! The poison is already in effect!

“Hey! What’s wrong with (Y/n)?”

Damn it! Now Kanato decides to come?!

“Nothing! Now may I ask what’s your business here?”

Kanato immediately got fired up, “I sensed there was something off with her!” (Y/n) collapsed right when he said that, Kanato was by her side instantly, now holding her limp form in his arms, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!?!?” Tears spilled from his furious eyes.

Reiji’s straight composure didn’t leave. He knew that he killed (Y/n) and if Kanato finds out he’ll kill him.

“ANSWER ME NOW!!” He slammed his fist on the floor.

Reiji smile sadistically, knowing he’s much stronger than him, “She’s dead. That cupcake she ate contained the highest amount of poison that can kill anything. And it was made specially for you.”

Kanato screamed at the top of his lungs, stood up and charged at him. There was too much of a ruckus that would draw unwanted attention from his other brothers; looks like he’ll have to kill him even though that was his goal anyway. He slapped Kanato across the face then kicked him in the stomach causing him to slam against the wall. Kanato wanted (Y/n) back. He wanted his revenge.

Attempting to get on his feet, Reiji wasn’t going to give his younger brother the chance. He reached into the inner breast pocket of his coat, pulling out a needle that had the same poison that (Y/n) took and injected it into Kanato’s heart. This was a stronger dose. Blood came out of his mouth, spilling all over Reiji’s clothing. He tried to reach for his throat but his arm dropped and his body went limp. Reiji slipped out a couple of snickers. After taking a minute to himself, he picked up Kanato and (Y/n)’s bodies and teleported to the dungeon. After that day, Reiji strictly forbade his brothers to never go down there. His brothers knew what happened but they made the decision to not say anything or even hint at it. Yes they were enraged that he killed their bride (Y/n) and a bit on Kanato’s part, they made a plan on getting revenge. Yes…but they’re saving that for later on. But in the meanwhile they watched their own brother slowly turn mad.
(Diabolik Lovers) Yandere! Shuu Sakamaki x Reader    Mine

*Author's Note* I'm very sorry for not updating for awhile! I just finished my exams and my parents have been on my butt on looking for a job -.- but now that I've gotten everything done, I'll be writing more stories! ^.^ Hopefully I haven't lost my touch in my writings >.<

(Y/n) was usually the quiet type. Shuu has taken a strong intimate liking of her because of how her appearance and personality is. Laito held her up in his room.

“Please Laito! Stop it!” (Y/n) pleaded.

He hovered above her half-revealing body, his green lust-filled eyes skimmed around her nearly bare stomach and half covered chest, smirking, “Nfu~ why would I~? Bitch-chan looks so tempting that I crave for~ I want to hear more sounds come out of you.”

His gripped tightened on her wrists that were above her head and played with her bra with his fangs. Shuu heard the commotion, this angered him to the point to kill. The once lazy blond male turned into a fire-up aggressive one. Instantly disappearing from the couch then appeared behind Laito. (Y/n) was too focused on her situation until blood spattered on her. There was a silver blade through his heart. Blood dripped on her from the sword. Shuu had taken a silver sword and plunged it through Laito’s heart from behind. Laito turned his head around to glare into Shuu’s emotionless dead-panned eyes; he tried to speak but coughed up blood and harshly collapsed to his side.

“S-Shuu! You could have done something else other than killing him!”
He placed a knee between her legs, resting on his forearms on both sides of her head then brought his face close with his hot breath blowing against her face, “But he was trying to take what’s mine.”

(Y/n) felt terrified. She didn’t want to die from Laito’s forceful actions. Her breathing was shaky; he could sense fear.

“I’m not going to kill you if that’s what you’re thinking…I’m going to claim you.” (Y/n) was about to scream for help but he covered her mouth with his, “Troublesome…you stay quiet or this is going to turn out worse for you.”
(Diabolik Lovers) Laito x Reader

*Alarm Goes Off*

I grumbled and peeked my head out from under my blankets, glaring at the clock on the bedside table. Slamming my fist on it, the noise stopped. I forcefully dragged myself out of bed and made my way to the bathroom, grabbing my school uniform on the way.

I did what I usually do in the bathroom, wash my face, brush my teeth and change into my uniform. My hair was a little messy but not enough to bother me so I ignored to brush my hair. I left the bathroom while making small alterations with my uniform, I was too focused on that and didn't notice Laito was walking by my side. I went to fix the left side of my sleeve and noticed him.

Startled, I nearly tripped over my feet until he grabbed me by my arm, “You have to be more careful bitch-chan.” he pulled me when I was standing straight up.

At the time I didn't know what to say because I was wondering what was he doing in my room, “Cat got your tongue? Bitch-chan~”

I shook off the comment, “Pfft...What are you doing in my room this time?” This isn't the first time he came into my room unexpectedly.

“Heheh~ Believe me or not but Reiji told me to escort you down to the limo for school.”

“Ha! Yeah right. If Reiji wanted someone to check up on me, it would be him. You're the last person he would've chosen!” I sassed at him and took my arm back, crossing them over my chest.

Laito chuckled at my back-talk then slowly stopped. I watched his green eyes look at my hair with interest, he came closer to me and took a lock of my hair and gently played with it. Strangely it felt really nice. Heck, it took me a few moments to realize that he led and sat me on a chair that was facing the mirror. I didn't care. I wanted him to continue.

I felt him breathe next to my ear, staring at my satisfied/pleasured expression reflection in the mirror, “I love those sounds you're making~ I wonder if-”


He snickered, straightening himself up but still staring at me with those attractive eyes of his and playing with my hair, “Heh you didn't know what I was going to say~”

“Trust me. I can read you like a book Laito.” I scoffed; he leaned over me and grabbed a hair brush then pulled back and began to brush my hair...?

“Like I was about to say bitch-chan I wonder if I can make more of those sounds come out of you~”

I must admit he's pretty good at this, “Sure you did.” this made him chuckle a bit.

As he was brushing my hair, we had a normal conversation which surprised me. Laito was a completely different person! He threw in some jokes, one of them about my hair being messy, that made me laugh. As he finished up, putting the brush away, Reiji appeared in the room glaring at us in irritation.

“May I ask what's taking you two so long?” he asked, the serious expression never left his face, “On second thought do not answer. For I feel something is...out of place.” his red eyes sharpened when he took a glimpse of Laito's pants that had...a bump.

As much as he didn't want to, he swiftly came next to me, taking my hand and teleported us to the limo. But the second before Reiji teleported us, I don't know if I heard him right but the line of, “Fix your pants.” to Laito.

He was by himself in the bedroom, clearly displeasured. Laito glanced down and smirked at himself.

“Heh looks like I need to work harder to make (Y/n) want me and be mine~” with that said, he vanished, heading to the limo as well.
Dark Link x Zelda's Younger Sister! Reader

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This was requested by Kyoyalover122. To be honest I came up with this idea of a fanfiction this morning when I was on the train >w<

She liked the night. It was her only time for peace and quiet. Another reason why she likes it so much is because it reminds her of him. Link. No not the hero in green clothes, his counter part by what everyone knows him by Dark Link. (Y/n) instantly fell for him when they met. At first she didn't believe love at first sight but was proven wrong. (Y/n) didn't know what other name to call him so she called him Link anyway even though whenever she spoke up about him, her older sister Zelda and their father would think of Link in the green; that Link and her got along well but she preferred to be around the other Link. Something about his personality drawn her towards him. They've talked to each other multiple times and had a lot in common to Link's surprise. Usually no one has enjoyed talking or being around him this much. Unfortunately (Y/n)'s father, King of Hyrule, was a bit...unwelcoming to him because of his attitude and because of him being related to the dark side. Nonetheless they still met up at a point where they would see each other on a regular basis. But what (Y/n) didn't know was that he is watching her behind a stone pillar in the Royal Garden. Link felt bad because he didn't come by as usual for the pass few days because he has these feelings he's never had before. Love. He was afraid of facing (Y/n) after realizing these feelings for the young princess. But tonight he was going to confess and apologize for not being around for the past few days which will lead to an earful lecture but he didn't care. He liked hearing her voice. The moon reminded (Y/n) of his silver hair and the roses in the garden like his red eyes. As she was sitting on a marble bench admiring the glowing moon, he came out of his hiding spot to reveal himself. Her eyes locked on him, widening at first but then softened, relieved he was safe.

The princess stood up, “Link! Where have you been?! Do you know how worried I've been about you?!”

Link grunted, smirking, “Yeah I did.”

“Then why didn't you tell me that-”

“(Y/n)'s going to be hard enough for me to say this..” a pain hit her heart; he walked close to her until he was in front of her. Link got down on one knee, holding her hand and kissed it; (Y/n) was astonished by this because he wasn't the type to do this, “My beloved princess (Y/n)...” he was going to do it, “I...I'm sorry for not being here but I had these...strong feelings for you..” her heart felt like it was going to explode, in a good way of course.

“What do you mean?” she wanted to lead him on as payback for not being around.

“Damn it! This should say enough!” he stood up, wrapped one arm around her waist and the other holding the back of her head and kissed her hard yet sweet.

(Y/n) squeaked but quickly recovered and kissed him back with her hands resting on his chest. They gently fell on the soft grass with him on top of (Y/n). The kiss got more passionate. Link held her hand as they kissed, between their kisses he kept saying 'I love you'; in response, (Y/n) said 'I love you too'. At this moment on, they would never leave eachother's sides nor go with anyone else. Just the two of them against the world of who oppose them or try to ruin their unbreakable relationship.
Dark Link x Zelda's Younger Sister! Reader
This was requested by Kyoyalover122 ~^-^~ I hope you enjoy it >u<
(Diabolik Lovers) Subaru x Reader

“F*ck off Laito or Raito or whatever the f*ck which one it is!” I screamed at him in anger as I ran around the Sakamaki mansion to evade him.

“But bitch-chan, you're so irresistible~” his voice echoed.

I rolled my eyes and continued on. Using the crucifix and holy water was useless, I would have chosen my silver dagger but it was immediately confiscated by Reiji. That jerk-off.... After being locked up in this hell hole everything has been getting worse everyday. Ayato is always trying to claim me as his, Subaru is either really cold or destroying things, Shuu...there's not much to say about him other than him waiting for me to come to him so he can grab me and bite me, Kanato on the other hand is pretty messed up as it is with always hitting me, Reiji comes across as a gentleman but once you piss him off he'll bring out the whip, and don't get me started on him. He's the most perverted guy I've known! Laito Sakamaki; or is it Raito...anyways that doesn't matter. The first time he tried to pull a move on me, I knew he was my biggest threat out of the 6 brothers...

“I'm getting closer bitch-chan~”

“Hmph. Bitch-san...”

I picked out a smoke bomb I bought in town before I knew I was coming here. Heheh, this'll throw him off guard.

“You sure about that!?” I smashed the smoke bomb on the floor making him confused and stunned; good thing that Reiji wasn't around or he would've been pissed!

I made a break for it; the only place I could think that was decently safe was either Reiji's or Subaru's room. If I chose to hideout in Reiji's room maybe he'll be reasonable enough to help me. Unless he found out that I used a smoke bomb in his house; for Subaru....I can possibly bribe him with giving a little bit of my blood, plus he's extremely strong and a badass so there might be a better chance to hide in his room. I made my escape to Subaru's room. Right when I reached his door I pounded it with my fists.

“Open the god damn door Subaru or I'll-!” the door slammed open, Subaru looked extremely annoyed and angry.

“What the f*ck is your-HEY!” I tried to run into his room but he caught me by his arm around my waist, “Are you asking for a f*cken death wish?! HUH?!”

I flinched at his loudness; time to start my offer, “Please hear me out! I'll let you have of my blood if-”

When he hear the word blood it got his full attention, “Hmph. You're usually against that.” his red eyes narrowed at me suspiciously, “But since you offered..”

I squeaked when I was harshly pulled inside and thrown on his couch. Hearing and feeling a small vibration of the door being slammed shut, Subaru was instantly over top of me, ready to take his prize.

“Wait!” I put my hand on his forehead to hold him back before he could suck my blood.; his response was a growl, “I'll only let you take some of my blood if!”

“If what?”

“If you keep Laito off my a*s!” he scoffed, “What!?”

“That's a pain in the a*s..” he held my arms down with ease and placed his lips to my neck.

Great! I should've hid in Reiji's room. My body tensed up, getting ready to be bitten. Subaru's fangs glided over my neck, not breaking the skin yet, I wanted this to be over and done with already! Why is he taking so long?!

He snickered, “Make that a month and you've gotta deal.”

A-A month?! “That means you'll be protecting me from Laito for a month then!”

“Tch. Fine.” blush lightly rose on his cheeks that made him look adorable; he licked the spot where he was going to draw blood from and pain shot through that area as soon as he bit down.

A whimper escape my lips but no matter what I have to keep this deal with Subaru until then. Unless he wants to keep this deal forever.
(Diabolik Lovers) Subaru x Reader
(Diabolik Lovers) Subaru x Reader: Protection ~^.^~ Subaru is such an adorable tsundere! ~>w<~
I would like to announce that the PART 2 of my Free! Hold Still is finished~! and I hope you all enjoy it ~^0^~ I would also like to say that I'm very sorry for the long wait of the PART 2 of this fanfic that everyone's been asking for me to do >0< But I am open for requests, so far I've gotten a few people asking for a Yandere! Mikoto x Reader which is on the way for those wanting it ~^o^~ and finally I would like to thank everybody for supporting my stories ~>w<~ *bows*


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