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(Diabolik Lovers)  Scenario #1
How would they react when they saw their lover bent over picking up something or making the bed?

Shu Sakamaki:  For being the lazy-butt he is, he would probably stare at his lover’s ass from the couch he’s laying on with a smirk; but then close he eyes when his lover would look at him.

Reiji Sakamaki:  He would look away out of respect to withhold his gentleman role. Yet…he would be thinking how good his lover’s ass is all day, having a blush cover his cheeks, and whenever his lover would come talk to him, having no idea what happened, he would tell his lover that he is going to punish her for being naughty which leads to his lover’s confusion and blush really red.

Laito Sakamaki:  Okay okay we all can guess what Mr. bitch-san would do. He would go behind his lover while she’s bent over and caress her hips then hold her against him. When his lover stands up, he would use his other arm around her waist to hold her in place then seductively lick his lover’s ear and whisper how much she turned him on and what he’s going to do.

Kanato Sakamaki:  At first he’d scoff and ignore the view. But then he would get very annoyed about the blush coming on his face and use his Teddy to hide it. After his lover picked up whatever she dropped, she would turn around noticing him very red. Once she asked what’s wrong, he would angrily snap at her yelling for her to mind her own business and go away.

Ayato Sakamaki:  The entire time he would be staring with no shame, clearly not caring. His mind would wander into dirty thoughts of what he could do to his lover then get up, causally walking over and slapped his lover’s ass. But the funny part is when she would turn around and notice his perverted look. Once he saw his lover’s flustered reaction, he’d try to not let his embarrassment get the better of him for the sake of his big ego; instead he would act tough and announce out loud how his lover’s ass belongs to him then take them somewhere private like his room or something.

Subaru Sakamaki:  Left, right, center, he would turn beat red in an instant. Sure he would be a bit of a pervert about it in his mind but after a few moments of staring he would look away and yell at his lover to stop playing innocent; and when she gave a confused response, giving an adorable look back at him, he would clumsily pick up the things his lover dropped then stuff them in her arms and storm away.

Ruki Mukami:  He would be similar with Reiji on punishment, assuming that his lover is doing it on purpose. He would be behind his lover and grab her ass causing her to squeak and stand straight up; while his lover was getting flustered and asking why he did that, he would hold a perverted sly smirk the whole time and be straight-forward on telling his lover her punishment along on being a tease to him.

Kou Mukami:  He’d be playful about it; a mischievous kind of playful. The blond idol would innocently say how nice his lover’s ass is then tone it down to a point where he’s being seductive by playfully smacking then possessively grabbed her ass then pressed his lips right against her ear and whispered what he’s going to do.

Yuma Mukami:  He would be a little shy at first by glancing away along with his face being red. But then his inner ego will show up and he’ll become Mr. dominant-tough guy. He would come up to his lover from the front, after she picked up her items that were dropped, and roughly hold his lover against him then grab her chin and kiss her hard while he grabbed at his lover’s butt. His lover would drop her things again and he wouldn’t let her pick them up after he was done with teaching his lover a lesson.

Azusa Mukami:  He would blush and not look away for a little while until his lover asks him to help her. In his mind as he’s helping his lover, he can’t get the image of his lover’s ass out of his mind. It distracted him so much throughout his day that he didn’t even hurt himself.

Carla Tsukinami:  He would first check if anyone was around like his younger brother Shin and if nobody was around he would pin his lover to the bed from behind and tell her how she has been unknowingly tempting him for the past 5 minutes while she was making the bed. Next step as he’s telling his lover this he would be ‘unknowingly’ teasing his lover back with gentle touches and kisses along her neck.

Shin Tsukinami:  Being the First Blood, he would act very dominant and passionately aggressive towards his lover. He would knock the items that she dropped out of her hands and order her to pick them up slowly as he sat back down and stared at his lover’s ass again; it would come to a point where he would lose his patience after she manages to pick everything up and put the items back in their place around the room and he’d pin his lover to the wall, feeling her up and down underneath her clothes and press his needing body against his lover’s while telling her that he wants to see more.
(Diabolik Lovers) Scenario #1
(Diabolik Lovers)  Scenario #1
How would they react when they saw their lover bent over picking up something or making the bed?

I hope I was on the dot on how they are with seeing and reacting when they see their lover bent over >.<
(Diabolik Lovers) Shin Tsukinami x Reader  


“Shut up!”



“Oh my god! You’re gonna get killed!” I whispered, trying to keep down my voice from frustration as I held the small kitten inside my coat, just arriving in the Tsukinami’s mansion courtyard entrance while it was raining.

You see about an hour ago I was leaving the store from getting some snacks for myself and it was already raining to begin with so it was pretty bad outside. But I heard tiny meowing from inside a cardboard box that was laying on the side of the sidewalk and I found a sad tiny kitten. It won by its cuteness levels reaching over 9000 so out of the kindness of my own heart, without using my head, I took the kitten as my own. I knew I couldn’t abandon it because it couldn’t have survived on its own. I know Shin hates…no change that, despises cats yet his older brother Carla, who’s much stronger than he is, loves cats. Finally escaping the rain walking in the warm house, the kitten seemed to calm down. Heh I guess it already likes its new home. Sparing no time, I made my way to my bedroom but was stopped midway through the main hall by Shin.

“Hey! Why do you smell a little different?” now he was in front of me, inspecting me with his sharp eyes as he smelt around my neck.

“Um no particular reason. Probably the rain…!”

“Meow!” the kitten poked its tiny head out from the collar of my coat.

“WHAT THE F*CK!? WHY THE HELL DID YOU BRING THAT DAMN PEST HOME?!” I held the kitten close to me with my eyes tightly shut as he yelled at the top of his lungs, taking several steps back with his arms in front of him for defense.

Please show up now Carla…

“Shin! Keep your voice down. I could hear your rant from my room where I was in my slumber.”


Carla turned his attention to me, staring at my chest where the kitten was hiding. It only took a few heavy steps for him to be where I was. He took one of my hands away, unzipped my coat halfway and snatched the kitten and held it high with 1 hand by the back of its neck. As he was inspecting the playful kitten, Shin was trying to object on keeping it.
Carla glanced at me from the corner of his eye, narrowing them, “Are you going to be a responsible person and take care of this kitten (Y/n)?”

I nodded fast, “Yes sir!”

“Hmph.” He cracked a faint smile and handed the kitten back to me while Shin was flipping out in the background, “If I ever find out that you’re not taking care of this. I will personally take it myself and punish you afterwards. Understood?” I nodded again with the same answer but more happily.

Once the scene was taken care of, he went back to his room to continue his slumber. My attention was fixated on the kitten, clearly not giving Shin any which made him jealous from how I could sense it. I made my way to my room again, finally not being stopped. After I placed it down as I was closing the door and putting away my coat, the kitten already made a bed for itself near the warm fireplace on a armchair that had a couple of pillows and a small blanket on it. A warm fuzzy feeling grew in my stomach as I watched it sleep.

“I still don’t like cats. And you, (Y/n), are gonna have to deal with it.” Shin whispered in my ear from behind, having his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me against him tightly.
I softly giggled, turning around and faced him, there was blush already on his face, “Come on. I know you have a soft spot for this one Shin~” I said playfully, “You would’ve fought back more if this kitten didn’t look like you.”

“Tsk. I have no idea what you’re talking about!”
Man is he ever stubborn when he wants to be, “Its eyes…they’re gold like yours and it has a strong attachment to me~”

He growled, clenching his teeth, “Yeah so what if I do!? And for your information it doesn’t outmatch me when it comes to attachment. Besides…” he had me pinned to the bed and he played with a lock of my hair then smelt it and held a mischievous grin, “It can’t do what I’m about to do to you~” he roughly pressed his lips to mine and we started to intimately make-out.

The kitten was being disturbed by the noises it heard so it made its way out of the bedroom. It followed Carla’s scent to his room where he slept; successfully getting into his room, it walked over to him and carefully got into his bed. He was almost asleep until the kitten pounce on him and curled up halfway inside his jacket and fell asleep once again. Carla was about to take it off but his love for cats, especially for kittens that are soundly asleep, overtook him. He rested his head back on his pillow, smiling to himself.
(Diabolik Lovers) Shin x Reader
I did this really late and I hope I didn't make Shin too off character o.o
(Diabolik Lovers) Yandere! Kanato x Reader    Attached.

He never showed any signs of letting his precious (Y/n) go. To come to think of it she never wanted him because her heart was captured by someone else. Kanato furiously let out a deep growl when he was watching (Y/n) and her boyfriend, Marco Bott kiss in the alleyway. He wanted her. No one else. Nothing would change his mind about her.

“Neh Teddy. I think we should pay that filthy boy a visit tonight. What do you think?...I like that idea too. Heheh let’s get ready.” Kanato was excited of what he was planning to do.

*The Next Day*

“Hey (Y/n) do you want to see my doll collection?”

“Hm? But didn’t I already see it last week?” (Y/n) nervously smiled.

“Yes but I added a very special new one! I think you’ll love it.” She really didn’t want to go but she knew Kanato would get pissed off if she refused so she nervously accepted, “Good. You made the right decision. Come on.”

Once they arrived in the Sakamaki mansion, in front of Kanato’s doll collection room, Kanato opened the doors and the two walked in. (Y/n) looked around the room, not noticing anything new until she spotted something limped against the back wall. Her stomach tightened in anxiety. There was a feeling that was saying to not go back there but she knew she had to see what it was or else it would’ve chewed away at her curiosity. Kanato’s eyes were covered from his bangs and hid his smile with Teddy. He patiently waited until he heard that beautiful scream of (Y/n)’s.

“MARCO!!!!” she wailed, not looking away from her mangled-up lover.

Kanato couldn’t hold back his laughter and laughed like a maniac. With (Y/n) too much in shock and practically broken now, she was vulnerable…and single. He snatched her wrists, surly to leave bruise marks on how tightly his grip was on her wrists, and stared into her (E/C) eyes.

“Looks like I’ve broken you. Heheh…HAHAHAHAHAHA!” (Y/n) flinched at his loudness, “You…YOU MADE ME DO THAT!! I’ve been attached to you the first day we talked!” he takes a deep breath, “Ahh that was such a nice day…but…this day is even nicer because you’ll be staying with me by my side (Y/n).” that last sentence had a happy sadistic tone, “and there’s nothing you can do about it..heheh…HAHAHA!”
(Diabolik Lovers) Yandere!KanatoxReader Attached.
(Diabolik Lovers) Yandere! Kanato x Reader    Attached.
(Diabolik Lovers) Yandere! Laito x Reader    Obsession

    A pencil snapped in half in Laito’s death grip. He tried not to care when (Y/n)’s seating partner was playfully wrapping his arms around her. Subconsciously, he was biting his bottom lip until it shed a little blood.

“Oh Laito! You’re bleeding!” that sweet voice of (Y/n)’s filled his ears that made him perk up; she was by his side, already dabbing the blood away from his lips with a tissue.

He was filled with pride when he got (Y/n)’s attention, sending the boy a prideful smirk as she was distracted, “Oh adorable-chan~ you make me feel soo good about myself when you’re with me.”

He grabbed a hold of (Y/n)’s waist and sat her down on his lap; she started blushing and began to stutter; “U-Umm w-well I’m glad to hear that…?” her sentence came out as a question.

The cuteness (Y/n) was giving off was driving both Laito and the boy wild. Laito noticed his blush, forcing out a smile. But not just any smile, a smile that wanted to murder his classmate. What’s worse is that the boy took (Y/n)’s hand, taking her away from him and slightly standing in front of her. Talk about cock-blocking. Laito was amused by the boy’s harsh stare as if challenging him. He did not expect to be taken out of the classroom by this mortal.

The boy had him against the wall, seeming angry, “Just because you know how to sway a girl doesn’t mean (Y/n) is stupid enough to fall for your tricks. Meet me by the school courtyard around the back after night school is done.” Laito let out a dramatic sigh as the boy went back inside the classroom, smiling.

He smirked, tipping his hat, “Well played. But not well enough. Nfu~”

*After Class…*

“You stay the hell away from (Y/n). You already have a bad reputation around this school and I don’t want some a**hole like you hurting her! AND I’LL DO ANYTHING I CAN TO KEEP HER AWAY FROM YOU!”

“Hmm that’s a shame…” the boy looked confused for a second then got irritated.

“What do you mean?”

Laito took a few daring steps forward, “It’s a shame that you won’t be around…” he shoved the boy down the marbled stairs and watched.

Laito’s shadow covers the boy who’s laying in a pool of blood at the bottom of the school’s staircase in the outer court yard. He didn’t like how comfortable this guy was getting around (Y/n). Not one bit.

“Hmm…how should I tell her this…oh well~ I’ll do it when she suspects it was me! But in the meantime…I’ll be her comforting best friend..for now. Nfu~ this’ll get me closer to her~”
(Diabolik Lovers) Yandere!LaitoxReader Obsession
(Diabolik Lovers) Yandere! Laito x Reader    Obsession.

I know I know I've haven't been much for a little while >.0 I was on a writer's block then i got my first job last week and everything is new since its my first job o.o but if anybody has any ideas for a fanfic they want done, for example like a scenario, give me a small description or so of your idea and I'll work with that idea as best as I can! ~^.^~ thank you guys so much for supporting my work! \ ( ^ o ^ ) /
(Diabolik Lovers) Yandere! Reiji x Reader   Maddness

 Reiji never understood why she gave Kanato so much attention. He’s an abusive, reckless, bipolar, spoiled brat; even though Reiji was sadistic himself. But that’s not the point. Kanato always wants and clearly enjoys (Y/n). Reiji was baking a batch of cupcakes, 1 out of the 6 of them was poisoned that could kill anything that it consumed it even vampires. He well knew Kanato couldn’t resist sweets. It was almost like an entertainment to Reiji because he’ll never know when Kanato will eat that poisonous cupcake. Each day he would have one but much to Reiji’s disliking it didn’t happen…yet. A few days later it was down to the last cupcake. The fate of death waited for Kanato Sakamaki. During the time being Reiji was waiting near the kitchen eagerly to see Kanato in his final moments. He heard someone rummaging in the room, deciding to act innocent Reiji entered.


There was one thing he forgot…

“Oh good evening.” (Y/n) said warmly to him while taking small bites into the cupcake.

(Y/n) likes sweets as well.

He ran up to her and threw the cupcake away, it was half gone, “Why are you eating dessert before your dinner!?” He didn’t want to alarm her about what she ate.

She got startled, usually Reiji isn’t this mad about eating before din din, “I-I’m sorry Reiji! I was really hungry…” (Y/n)’s tone of voice seemed off.

Damn it! The poison is already in effect!

“Hey! What’s wrong with (Y/n)?”

Damn it! Now Kanato decides to come?!

“Nothing! Now may I ask what’s your business here?”

Kanato immediately got fired up, “I sensed there was something off with her!” (Y/n) collapsed right when he said that, Kanato was by her side instantly, now holding her limp form in his arms, “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HER!?!?” Tears spilled from his furious eyes.

Reiji’s straight composure didn’t leave. He knew that he killed (Y/n) and if Kanato finds out he’ll kill him.

“ANSWER ME NOW!!” He slammed his fist on the floor.

Reiji smile sadistically, knowing he’s much stronger than him, “She’s dead. That cupcake she ate contained the highest amount of poison that can kill anything. And it was made specially for you.”

Kanato screamed at the top of his lungs, stood up and charged at him. There was too much of a ruckus that would draw unwanted attention from his other brothers; looks like he’ll have to kill him even though that was his goal anyway. He slapped Kanato across the face then kicked him in the stomach causing him to slam against the wall. Kanato wanted (Y/n) back. He wanted his revenge.

Attempting to get on his feet, Reiji wasn’t going to give his younger brother the chance. He reached into the inner breast pocket of his coat, pulling out a needle that had the same poison that (Y/n) took and injected it into Kanato’s heart. This was a stronger dose. Blood came out of his mouth, spilling all over Reiji’s clothing. He tried to reach for his throat but his arm dropped and his body went limp. Reiji slipped out a couple of snickers. After taking a minute to himself, he picked up Kanato and (Y/n)’s bodies and teleported to the dungeon. After that day, Reiji strictly forbade his brothers to never go down there. His brothers knew what happened but they made the decision to not say anything or even hint at it. Yes they were enraged that he killed their bride (Y/n) and a bit on Kanato’s part, they made a plan on getting revenge. Yes…but they’re saving that for later on. But in the meanwhile they watched their own brother slowly turn mad.
I would like to announce that the PART 2 of my Free! Hold Still is finished~! and I hope you all enjoy it ~^0^~ I would also like to say that I'm very sorry for the long wait of the PART 2 of this fanfic that everyone's been asking for me to do >0< But I am open for requests, so far I've gotten a few people asking for a Yandere! Mikoto x Reader which is on the way for those wanting it ~^o^~ and finally I would like to thank everybody for supporting my stories ~>w<~ *bows*


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