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(Diabolik Lovers) Laito x Reader  *Scenario Version*

Author’s Note: This is a small scenario of where (Y/n) is under the blankets, just about to fall asleep until she feels something touch her leg and noticed someone else’s movement O.O let me know if I should make more of these if you guys like them and it doesn't have to be from Diabolik Lovers so don’t be shy to suggest a character ~^.^~

(Y/n): *slowly closes eyes, just about to fall asleep until she felt something glide/touch her legs* “Hm…?” *tries to comprehend what’s happening in her half-asleep state*

Laito: *chuckles* “Nfu~ You feel very warm here bitch-chan~” *moves his hands farther up (Y/n)’s inner thighs*

(Y/n): “WHAT THE-HMMF!” *gets silenced by Laito’s lips*

Laito: *laying completely on top of (Y/n) underneath the blankets with only their heads poking out* “Shh, if you make any noises I will not play nice~ Nfu~” *mumbles against (Y/n)’s lips as he rubs her thigh*

(Y/n): *whimpers of not being able to speak nor make any sounds and tries to stay quiet*

Laito: *chuckles seductively* “That’s a good girl~” *starts to intimately kiss (Y/n) teasingly*
(Diabolik Lovers) LaitoxReader *Scenario Version*
(Diabolik Lovers) Laito x Reader  *Scenario Version*

Author’s Note: This is a small scenario of where (Y/n) is under the blankets, just about to fall asleep until she feels something touch her leg and noticed someone else’s movement O.O let me know if I should make more of these if you guys like them and it doesn't have to be from Diabolik Lovers so don’t be shy to suggest a character ~^.^~
What Would Happen When You Go Into Their Rooms by fullmoonlight65
What Would Happen When You Go Into Their Rooms
From Diabolik Lovers, what do you think would happen if you went into one of their rooms? Write in the comment box of what your idea or story is :3 and these pictures are not mine!
(Diabolik Lovers) Ayato x Reader….Smack Cam!

“All you need to do is videotape of what’s going to happen. Got it?”

“Anything for you bitch-chan~” he smoothly said, while he took a picture of me with his phone, “Oops. My mistake~”

I rolled my eyes, “*sigh* you better delete that and not jack off to it you pervert.”
He snickered and kept his words to himself, “Mm Feisty…”

I peeked around the doorway of the kitchen where I saw Ayato sitting at the table. Gripping the plate of his favorite food of *insert favorite food* to lure him with while I hid a fairly large whipped cream pie behind my back, I stepped into the room and put a big fake smile and walked to him.

His sharp green eyes shot at me then down at the plate. Good. He’s falling for it! It took me almost all of my strength to hold back laughter.

The amazed look he had was the perfect time to literally smack it off; he took the plate, “Heh. It’s about time you-ACK!”

I smacked the whipped cream pie in his face and made a run for it. The plate crashed on the floor and Ayato violently shoved the table and chairs out of his path, charging at me like a bull. This was so worth the trouble.

Raito on the other hand was going to get a beat down because I noticed when I ran around trying to evade Ayato, he was pointing the camera at my chest!
(Diabolik Lovers) Ayato x Reader
Who would dare to pull a Smack Cam prank on Ayato? Meow :3 
(Diabolik Lovers) Reiji x Reader *Drabble?*

Reiji checked his pocket watch then slipped it back into his coat pocket, “She should be here any minute now. I swear if she’s skipping out on her studying today she’s going to get a serious punishment,” (Y/n)’s bedroom door open, “Oh hello Ms. (Y/n). How was your day?”

Silence was her response. She walked past him towards the open window. Much to the sophisticated male’s surprise, (Y/n) kicked her school bag out the window, jumped toward her bed and made a belly flop landing that made her body bounce slightly. He could have sworn his eyebrow twitched. This was unacceptable behavior from a lady. Walking to the side of her bed, his eyes glowed a faint red color.

To (Y/n)’s school bag point of view…let’s just say it hit Ayato in the head.
(Diabolik Lovers) Reiji x Reader *Drabble?*
I think you can call this a drabble o.o
(Diabolik Lovers) Kou x Reader

*AUTHOR’S NOTE* I wanted to try out some Diabolik Lovers fanfics so for those who like that anime I hope my attempts are good. If there’s anybody off character please let me know and what the character is like.

“KOU! YOU A**HOLE! THIS WAS MY FAVOURITE SHIRT!!” I screamed at him, my hands balled up into fists.

“Nya I’m so sorry (Y/n)! I didn’t mean to! It was an accident!”

“DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA THAT IT’S RUINED!? IT’S PERMANENT! NOW I HAVE TO THROW IT AWAY!!” I didn’t waste another word to him and stormed into the direction of my bedroom.

“I’m really sorry! Please forgive me!” he whined; this irked me.

“F*CK YOUR APOLOGIE!” I snapped back at him and stomped up the stairs, tightly gripping my ruined shirt and threw in on the ground.

Third P.O.V.

“(Y/n)…” Kou sighed, feeling bad for accidentally getting blood on (Y/n).

He went back into the kitchen and sat down at the table, resting his head on the palm of his hand. Yuma glanced at him from the pot of stew he was making and sighed as well. He’s never seen Kou like this. The tall male decided to ignore his brother and continue making din din.

Kou’s mind was in the process of thinking of how he can make it up to (Y/N).

“A-HA!” Kou shouted after he rose up his head and his usual smile was shown.


Kou scrambled out the door and made a dash to the closest clothing store. He didn’t bother checking the sizes or price or anything like that, all he wanted was to bring back a replica of (Y/n)’s favorite shirt. After getting the shirt, he came back to the mansion with a cheerful victory smile, proudly holding the bag with the shirt inside. The blond was thinking of how happy she would be. Let’s just hope it’ll make it up fully. He went inside and ran to (Y/n)’s room and slammed the door open.

“AH! KOU! WHAT WOULD OF HAPPENED IF I WAS GETTING CHANGED?!” (Y/n) yelled at him but her anger slowly disappeared when her eyes locked on the bag he was holding in front of her face, “What is this?”

“Just try it on and show it to me!” he shoved the bag in her hands and left the room, slamming the door behind him, leaving (Y/n) blinking and confused.

Kou waited impatiently outside of the door. Yuma appeared next to him and questioned what was going on. Before he could explain to him, the door was kicked open. Both of the boys shot their eyes wide open. The shirt on (Y/n)’s body was very tiny which revealed her bare stomach along with the bottom hem of the shirt was just below her chest. It didn’t take too long for perverted thoughts to wander in Yuma’s head.

She slowly walked to Kou showing her breaking point face and held up the size tag that said ‘extra extra small’, “Wrong size mother*cker.”
I would like to announce that the PART 2 of my Free! Hold Still is finished~! and I hope you all enjoy it ~^0^~ I would also like to say that I'm very sorry for the long wait of the PART 2 of this fanfic that everyone's been asking for me to do >0< But I am open for requests, so far I've gotten a few people asking for a Yandere! Mikoto x Reader which is on the way for those wanting it ~^o^~ and finally I would like to thank everybody for supporting my stories ~>w<~ *bows*


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