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Uta Prince Sama (Boyfriend! Syo x Girlfriend! Reader) Worries




“Usually she picks up after the second ring.” He mumbled to himself.

He placed his phone beside him on the bed then at looked over to his roommate, Natsuki?”

“Hey Natsuki?”

Natsuki poked his head out of the bathroom with a toothbrush hanging out of his mouth, “Yes Syo?”

Syo stood up from his bed, “Have you heard anything from (Y/n)?”

“Hm? Sorry no I haven’t.” he muffled out while brushing his teeth and blinked a few times.

Syo hummed questionably then grabbed his hat and jacket and walked to his girlfriend’s apartment which was only a few blocks away.

The blond boy was now in front of (Y/n)’s door and he knocked on her door gently and it opened by a slight crack; he looked at it suspiciously then let himself in and closed and locked the door behind him.

“(Y/n)?” he called out, only to hear some blankets shuffle.

Syo turned his attention over to (Y/n)’s bed and saw a body-shaped form curled into a ball mostly.

He walked over to the bed until he was right beside it, then he lifted the blanket up carefully and saw his beautiful (Y/n) hugging a pillow as she slept peacefully. Syo let out a soft chuckle and smiled to himself. He slowly yet carefully got under the blankets and gently cuddled her in his arms.

“You’re so cute..” he whispered and kissed her forehead, falling asleep sweetly.
Uta Prince Sama (Boyfriend!SyoxGirlfriend!Reader)
I'm starting Uta Prince Sama x Reader fanfics now since I love all the male characters' personalities ~^o^~
Free! (Nagisa x Reader)   You…

“Thank-you for making din-din Nagisa! It was really good!” I exclaimed as I lean back, putting some of my weight on my arms.

He let out a chuckle as he pulled out something from a large paper bag but kept it hidden under the table from my view, with me not noticing, “No problem (Y/n)! But all I did was heat a frozen pizza up!”

I shook my head, “But still it was good. Also when should we have dessert?”

“Let’s have it now~!” my blond haired best friend said excitingly as his eyes widened right when I mentioned dessert which I have always found cute about him.

Nagisa always had something different when it came to dessert or sweets in general. Every time before we would have dessert, I would ask him what is for dessert and he would pull whatever dessert out and we would eat it from there.

“What’s for dessert this time Nagisa~?” I asked with a smile and leaned over the table.

He looked up at me with a dominant look on his face along with a smirk, “You…” he paused.

My face reddens and my heart began to pound hard within my chest.

“…like apple pie~?” his face immediately went into a playful innocent look as he pulled out a medium-sized box with apple pie in it.

“Damn it Nagisa~!”

The ‘innocent’ male laughed like there was nothing wrong.
Free! Nagisa x Reader You....
Here's a short drabble of the assumed innocent Nagisa x Reader ~^o^~ I hope you all enjoy ~>u<~
Free! (Yandere! Haruka x Reader)

There was one thing that Haruka loved more than the water…or obsessed…was (Y/n). But here’s the problem that he had, (Y/n) is in a romantic relationship with his best friend Rin. They got together several months ago and are still together happily; but Haru was going to change that permanently. He would have her all to himself…forever…

“Tee hee~ Stop that Rin~!” (Y/n) giggled out when her boyfriend Rin was tickling her sides in the Samezuka Academy pool.

Haru was watching the happy couple from the upper floor level of the pool area as they were fooling around in the pool. He gritted his teeth while he was clenching his fists tightly in anger and jealously. He should be touching her! He should be the ONLY one to do anything to her in any way! When Rin started to kiss her on her neck, this was the final straw for Haru! Rin and (Y/n) were startled when they heard a loud bang noise from the upper level, not knowing their friend was there.

“Rin, what was that…?” the (H/C) haired girl asked.

“I’m not sure but I’ll check it out. Let’s get out of the pool first and get changed.” Rin said and pulled (Y/n) by her hand out of the pool then they slipped on their clothes over their swimsuits.

Suddenly all the lights turned off, making the room dark and only the moonlight gave very little lighting. (Y/n) let out a breathy gasp and was still like a rock. Rin, however, made a small growl in irritation and held her against him.

“R-Rin? Can we please go? I’m getting scared..”

He pecked her forehead that made her a little calm, “Yes and at least there’s some light from the roof windows to help us see right?” (Y/n)’s lips turned upwards slightly and nodded her head, “And look, the exit is just over there too! So there’s nothing to worry about (Y/n). I’ll protect you no matter what.” Rin said confidently and reassuring then quickly kissed her and they started walking to the exit.

(Y/n) smiled a little more as she was clinging to Rin’s arm and when they were getting closer to the exit. But that smile vanished quickly when they saw a shadowy figure of a male blocking the doorway. The couple stopped in their tracks.

Rin grew annoyed, “Hey! Who are you and why the hell are you here?” he said with a threatening tone of voice and moved (Y/n) behind himself.

The figure stepped forward, out of the shadows.

“Haru!?” (Y/n) exclaimed relieved that it was her friend Haruka.

Haruka didn’t say anything nor did Rin but glare at him. She was about to come out from behind her sharped-toothed boyfriend but he extended his arm out straight, preventing her from going any further while he kept his eyes locked on Haru’s dead emotionless ones.

“What are you doing here? Only students that attend this school are allowed.”

Haru blinked, turning his stare onto (Y/n), “Then why is she here. She’s not a student here.”
Rin started to grow angry, “A student that attends here is allowed to bring their expecting guests and I don’t remember asking you to come here Haruka.”
Haruka sent a cold glare then took a few steps closer to them.

“NOW WHY THE F*CK ARE YOU HERE?!” Rin yelled angrily at him that made (Y/n) flinch from the sudden loudness.

He stopped, “I came here for her.”

Rin’s expression turned from anger to confusion then got furious and (Y/n) looked at her blue-eyed friend confused and nervous; Rin leaned back slightly towards her, whispering to her to stay back. She complied and moved back from him.

“Why are you-GAH!” Haru punched his used-to-be-best friend in the face, making Rin stumble backwards but quickly regained his focus, glaring up at him as he wiped some blood off of his nose,
“I thought the water meant to you the most but I see where this is going..”

Haru ignored his comment and started walking towards Rin’s girlfriend who looked terrified, “You’re coming and being with me from now on-ACK!” Now it was Rin’s turn to make his shot by tackling him from Haru’s side to the floor, getting on top of him and punching him across the cheek then pulled him up by the collar of his shirt and bashed his forehead against his.

“(Y/n) isn’t going anywhere with you…! She wouldn’t be with me if she loved you! Right (Y/n)?!” he shouted, continuing to glare at Haru.

“Y-Yes Rin!” she replied back sounding very scared.

After (Y/n) said this, Haru felt like he had the strength of a thousand men, instantly grew furious! His lips went into a crooked sadistic smile, causing Rin to flinch because Haru never smiled but with Rin stunned, he took this chance to kick Rin off of him, knocking Rin onto his back. Haru reached into his back pocket and pulled out a switchblade then swiftly got on Rin, raising his hand that was holding the switchblade; just as he was about to drive the blade into Rin’s chest, (Y/n) used all of her strength, using both her hands to hold back Haru’s arm that was holding the blade, to prevent him from hurting the man she loves the most. While he was distracted with (Y/n), Rin shook his head and took this chance to knee him in the most forbidden place. Haru gasped and let a pained yell and dropped the blade, trying to ease the pain by putting pressure with his hands.

“(Y/N)! GET BACK!” she let goes of Haru’s arm and jumped back.

While Haruka was distracted, Rin punched him across the face and tackle-rolled him on the floor as (Y/n) watches in fear, not knowing what to do. The boys started rolling around, cursing at eachother when one of them got hit; (Y/n) wanted it to stop! She doesn’t want her boyfriend getting killed! Haruka gained the upper hand after he kicked Rin in the stomach then tightly wrapped his strong hands around Rin’s neck and started choking him.

“Once you’re gone, me and my (Y/n) are going to be living happily together. I’ll treat her far better than you ever have. Now die.” Rin was in his few minutes of living and glanced behind Haru, seeing (Y/n) in tears with something in the shape of a sturdy pole in her hands.

His red-colored eyes looked back at Haru’s and in a matter of seconds, the once calm and serious boy that Rin and (Y/n) once knew, got knocked out after she hit him across the back of his head with a large metal pole; he landed on Rin then the dark red-haired male shoved him off while he was catching his breath. (Y/n) threw the pole away and nearly knocked him over when she hugged him and cried in his shirt. Rin’s arms wrapped around her protectively and tight and pulled them to their feet.

“Are…you okay (Y/n)…?” he panted out and held her close until her body was pressed against his.

“…Y-Yes I-*hic* am! B-But m-more importantly *hic* are you alright…?” she sniffled out before she pulled back and looked into Rin’s eyes.

“Yes…I am.” He looked over at Haru who was unconscious then stared back at her with an angry/confused/sad look, (Y/n) returned the look with a sadden one as they were holding eachother’s hand tightly, “Let’s go.” They walked together to the exit door, he let (Y/n) out first, then before he joined her, he pulled the fire alarm that was next to the door and left as he was shutting the door behind him.

(Y/n) looked him questionably, “Why did you do that Rin?”
He lightly ruffled her (H/C) hair with a small smile, “So we didn’t have to deal with Haru when he wakes up. The firefighters and the police will question him and take it from there.” He said as he put his arm around her waist, leading them back to (Y/n)’s place.

Luckily for them, it was the weekend so Rin spent the night. In the middle of the night, Rin was lying in bed wide awake with (Y/n), who was curled up to him and sleeping soundly. After what happened tonight he just couldn't sleep…he looked down at his sleeping girlfriend and kissed her forehead gently…

Sorry Haru…I know you have a dream…but…this is MY dream and you can’t take that from me…
Free! (Yandere! Haruka x Reader)
I apologize if Haru sounds a bit off character but my friend requested it >.< Enjoy ^.^
Free! (Yandere! Rei x Reader)

*Rei’s P.O.V.*

“Ah (Y/n)~. Why must you look and be so beautiful and perfect~.” I sighed dreamily to myself as I was watching her from behind the bookshelves in the local library.

(Y/n) is so perfect in every way, from her beautiful looks to her sweet personality that I have fallen in love with. She’s just so perfect…How do I know she’s perfect, well it’s very simple. I’ve been watching her. Secretly hacking into her social media accounts checking what she’s been up to and seeing who she’s talking to and I’ve been following her almost everywhere. She’s nice to everyone but doesn’t notice some people that are jealous of her and want to hurt her. But luckily (Y/n) has me to protect her from anybody that tries to bring her pain and sadness...


She doesn’t know that I am…I’m worried if I tell her she’ll think I’m overly obsessive and insane! So that’s why I do it secretly…I kill anybody who threatens my precious (Y/n). I don’t know why the past 10-15 people I’ve killed so far hate her. I always ask them that before I finish them off for good and all they do is scream and that they’re sorry because they’re jealous of (Y/n) and that they would never threaten or harm her again. But in my eyes, behind my red spectacles, I see them as selfish liars who love to see others suffer to make themselves feel stronger.

“Oh! Rei! What are you doing here?”

“A-AH!” This startled me because I was lost in my train of thought then I heard a few people shush me then a light giggle beside me, “O-Oh (Y/n)! How did you see me?” I whispered out nervously, feeling my whole body getting warm.

“Well I have a project that’s due next week for my English class and I was looking for some Shakespeare books for ideas and a little bit of ‘help’….” She said quietly then sighed like she was having a hard time starting since I know she can get distracted a lot.

Then an idea popped in my head, “Y-You know, if you want...I can help you if you’re struggling with this project (Y/n).” I would get to spend so much time with (Y/n)!

Her once small smile turned into a larger smile, “I would love it if you could Rei! It would mean so much to me!” she exclaimed, trying to keep her voice to a minimum, “Would you like to come over sometime today or if you can’t maybe-”

“I would love to help you out today. How about we head back to my place after we get your books that you need?” I replied back as I was trying to keep myself formal.

YES!! I’ll finally have the most beautiful girl in my house…in my room…this will be my perfect chance to confess to (Y/n) of how I feel about her…!

(Y/n) nodded excitedly then began to quickly walk towards the science section, “Um (Y/n)?”
“Yes?” she said and stopped walking.

I smiled to myself, “The Shakespearean novelties are to your right. Let me come with you silly.” I whispered softly and started to walk with (Y/n) to where the books she was looking for were.

“Whoops! I guess I got too excited, thank-you Rei!” (Y/n) accidently said out loud, making more people shush her and she whispered out an apology.

After we got the Shakespearean books that she needed and checked them out at the counter, we walked over to my house which was several blocks away. Luckily for me is that my parents aren’t home for another 2 weeks because of some vacation trip they went on, which means it leaves me and (Y/n) all alone together…no one else… I unlocked my front door, letting her go in first because that’s the proper gentleman I am then I followed her inside and locked the door behind me, smiling to myself.

“Wow Rei! It’s so big~!”

My face flushed red immediately, “E-Eh? W-What do you mean (Y-Y/n)?”

She took off her shoes and looked at me innocently, “Your house is so big! It’s really beautiful!” she cheerfully said, “Also why is your face so red?”

I shook my head, “I-It’s nothing! But let’s head up to my room and start that project of yours.”

“Ok~.” With that said, after I took off my shoes, I lead her upstairs into my room then as soon as she was in, closed the door behind me gently with a small smirk that she didn’t seem to notice thankfully.

Things were silent at first and we were both standing across from eachother. I noticed her soft-looking delicate hands were playing with the hem of her shirt nervously. She was always the shy/nervous-type whenever she was in a new environment which I find very cute.

“Feel free to sit down anywhere you like (Y/n), you don’t have to be so nervous around me.” I chuckled after I finished my sentence.

(Y/n) slowly walked over and sat on my bed and stared at me with her cheeks turning pink, “U-Umm…R-Rei?” she spoke out very softly.

“Yes (Y/n)? Is something wrong?”

She patted an empty spot next to her on my bed and I gladly took that spot next to her, her (E/C) eyes stared into mine as she was gently biting her bottom lip, I want to kiss, as if she was deciding to say something or not.

“Don’t worry, you can tell me anything.” she seemed to relax a little bit when I said it which is what I want; I rested my hand on her back.

I watched her every movement when she gulped and took my free hand into hers, giving them a slight yet gentle grip, “T-There was n-no major English project that w-was due next week…t-there’s only a 5 paragraph essay I have to d-do w-which is due in another 2 weeks…” what is she trying to get at?,

“…I-I really wanted to get s-some alone time w-with you because I have s-something very i-important to tell you…” wait, is she going to…! If (Y/n) does then this is a dream come true!, “….I-I love you R-Rei.”

I was taken back by this because this is the girl I’ve always wanted and loved from when I first met her! I can’t believe this is happening to me!

“…I-I will understand if y-you don’t l-like me back-MMPH~!”

I couldn’t take it anymore! I’ve waited too long to kiss (Y/n)! I didn’t stop myself from holding back after all this time that she kept this secret hidden! I kissed (Y/n)’s soft warm lips sweetly yet aggressively even though it’s completely not like me but I just didn’t care anymore of what she’s thinking of my kissing, all I care about is that I finally can officially say is (Y/n) is mine and only belongs to me! And if someone tries to get in our way or tries to bring harm towards MY (Y/n) then I’ll kill them just like how I did with the other 10-15 people I’ve dealt with quietly.

I held her face in my hands carefully as I pulled away from our kiss and we looked into eachother’s eyes lovingly but for me, my eyes were filled with unlimited love that only I can give to my precious sweet (Y/n), “I love you too (Y/n).” before she could do or say anything else, I pushed her down onto my bed and kissed her hard and passionately.

*A Few Months Later…*

“REI!!” I heard her voice cry out from the alleyway then a shriek in pain, making me run as fast as I could; thankfully I keep fit and have daily swim practices with Nagisa, Haruka and Makoto after school.

I skidded around the corner of the alleyway, seeing my girlfriend, (Y/n) with bruises on her arms and legs and a cut on her face curled up into a ball on the ground and 2 girls surrounding her. I hid behind a large garbage bin observing the scene before I do anything to those b*tches who harmed my (Y/n)…! I didn’t want her to see this future bloody massacre that was going to take place...but I have to act quickly before to do anything else to her! I looked down to where (Y/n) was lying and she was covering her face. Looks like luck is on my side today, she won’t see anything since she’s covering her eyes. I unzipped my backpack and pulled out a baseball bat from my bag then zipped it back up and swung it back onto my shoulders. Heh…this is what you two get for hurting (Y/n). I came up behind both of them while they were too busy laughing and swung the bat across their heads making them both knocked out and fall to the ground. I set the wooden baseball bat on fire and tossed it into the big metal dumpster where my evidence would turn to ashes and never be seen. Glaring down at the two b*tches who beat up (Y/n), I gave them each a good kick to the head that left a mark on their faces; I then looked over to where (Y/n) was crying, still hiding her face from the world, I walked over to her and crouched down on one knee next to her.

“(Y/n), it’s me Rei!” I said firmly causing her to look up at me and my heart sank when I saw a fairly medium-sized cut across her cheek.

“OH REI! T-Thank God you’re h-here…!” (Y/n) cried as she let out a few sniffles, “T-They d-didn’t hurt you d-did they R-Rei…?”

I shook my head and carefully picked her up, trying not to touch any places that might hurt her,

“No they didn’t. But let’s get you to the hospital first before we do anything alright?”
(Y/n) nodded weakly and rested her head against my chest. Someone called the ambulance when they saw her looking like this and when they arrived, I went with her to the hospital.

I was told to wait outside of the nursing room where they took (Y/n) in and I waited a good an hour and a half before they let me in to see her. When I entered the room, I was greeted by her with her beautiful smile that I always love. I brought myself on sitting on the edge of her hospital bed, brushing a few strands of hair behind her ear then kissed her forehead gently.

“How are you feeling love?” I asked calmly as I held her hand gently.

“I’m feeling okay but just a bit sore that’s all, thank-you for asking.” She said weakly yet trying to sound strong, “The doctor said that I’m allowed to be out tomorrow morning unfortunately since I have a sprained wrist because of what happened…”

I tensed myself up in anger but only showed it through a concerned expression; she rested her uninjured hand on my shoulder and leaned up to kiss me which I gladly accepted and leaned in, gently connecting my lips to hers. (Y/n) leaned back against the pillow that was supporting her backside and looked like she was scared or nervous.

“Is there something wrong (Y/n)?” I asked as I scooted closer to her form.

“Rei…you know those 2 girls from earlier?”, I nodded my head, “…they’re in the next room…please don’t talk to them. I don’t want you to get hurt or get involved with this Rei.”

I thought of ways to kill them while they were sleeping or maybe slip some of this deadly poisonous purple chemical in both of their drinks...I’ll do that before I leave then come in the next morning and they should be gone permanently…!

“U-Umm Rei?” I snapped myself out of my thoughts and smiled at (Y/n), “Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

Before my beautiful girlfriend could protest, the nurse came in and told me that visiting hours are over and that I can come by tomorrow morning and pick her up. I said my byes to (Y/n) and told her how much I love her and I couldn’t wait to see her in the morning and I left…but before I left the hospital, I snuck into the room next door to (Y/n)’s room, seeing those two prissy a-holes sleeping soundly. I pulled out 2 vials of the deadly poisonous chemical from my pocket and walked over to their bedside tables where there drinks were and poured both of the substances into their glasses then snickered to myself and I left the building, smiling *sadistically* to myself waiting for the next day to come.

*The Next Day*

I came to pick up my amazing girlfriend (Y/n) up from the hospital earlier this morning and she was stunned and scared of what happened, apparently the 2 girls that I poisoned died last night. I really wanted to smile when she said this but she would get suspicious and I don’t want that. As the caring protective boyfriend I am to my (Y/n), I comforted her and took her to my place where she can relax for the night.

Now, in my room with (Y/n) and I cuddled up together on my bed, I knew that from this point on I would have to take extra caution when I have to kill someone again if they threaten or harm my (Y/n)…because she’s mine and only mine…!
Free! (Yandere! Rei x Reader)
I've been feeling like I should start writing Yandere stories since I've been reading so many lately >w< This is the smarty-pants Rei from FREE! ~^o^~
I would like to announce that the PART 2 of my Free! Hold Still is finished~! and I hope you all enjoy it ~^0^~ I would also like to say that I'm very sorry for the long wait of the PART 2 of this fanfic that everyone's been asking for me to do >0< But I am open for requests, so far I've gotten a few people asking for a Yandere! Mikoto x Reader which is on the way for those wanting it ~^o^~ and finally I would like to thank everybody for supporting my stories ~>w<~ *bows*
I would like to announce that the PART 2 of my Free! Hold Still is finished~! and I hope you all enjoy it ~^0^~ I would also like to say that I'm very sorry for the long wait of the PART 2 of this fanfic that everyone's been asking for me to do >0< But I am open for requests, so far I've gotten a few people asking for a Yandere! Mikoto x Reader which is on the way for those wanting it ~^o^~ and finally I would like to thank everybody for supporting my stories ~>w<~ *bows*


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