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I have a favor to ask you guys, for the Uta No Prince Sama Boyfriend Scenarios, can anybody give me some ideas/tips of what the characters are like, especially for Tokiya, Eiichi, Nagi, Kira, Cecil, Ringo, Ryuya and Kaoru? xAx
Uta Prince Sama (Ryuya x Reader) Catch Me If You Can!

(Y/n)….Your Name
(L/n)….Last Name

“I’m sorry Ryuya!” I shouted to the angry male while I ran away from him.

“You’re going to be more sorry when I catch you (L/n)!”

“Noo! Never!” I felt a bit cocky when he started panting from the running, “If you want to give me detention you have to catch me first, you pe*is-breath!”

“Heh. You think you’re so cocky don’t you? I’m going to make you regret those words (L/n)!” he started running faster by taking wider strides.

What!? Since when did he get so fast!? I let out a shrilled squeal, picking up my speed that did very little. Little did I know that Ringo was hiding around the corner, getting ready to throw a net to capture me. Just when he was throwing the net, I was quick enough to react and managed to do a slide-duck underneath the net.

“What the hell!?” I heard Ryuya shouted angrily.

“Oops! Looks like I missed!” Ringo’s voice popped in.

“Damn it Ringo! Get me the hell out of here now or you’ll be next!”

“Okay okay Mr. grouchy-pants! Jeez!” Ringo sighed and started de-tangling him from the net.

Ryuya’s glaring-eyes watched me until I was out of his sight.

~10 minute TimeSkip~

“Phew! Finally *pant* I lost *pant* him.” I hid myself around the corner, on the lookout for the hot-headed male and Ringo.

“I’ll check over here in this room Ryuya!” Ringo shouted to him and went into a random room.

I watched him go into the room, the door closed. Fist-pumping to myself in victory along with a large grin, just before I stepped out of my hiding spot I felt someone breathing down my neck. Goose-bumps shivered throughout my body, my hairs standing on end in fear, I slowly turned around. I saw the man’s figure that was directly behind me and was leaning against the wall with his arm who, unfortunately, turned out to be Ryuya.

“Caught you.” He said with a smirk.

“Oh sh*t-EEP!”
Uta Prince Sama (RyuyaxReader)Catch Me If You Can!
I don't know much about this character but if you guys could be kind enough to give me a few pointers of what Ryuya's and Ringo's personalities are like, it would be very appreciative >.< 
Free! (Makoto x Reader) Over-Worrying

Makoto’s P.O.V.

*Sigh* ‘I hope (Y/n)’s okay…’ I sighed to myself, worrying about my girlfriend like crazy.
I was staring out of my living room window where there was a blizzard picking up rather quickly.
It’s been nearly 30minutes and (Y/n) said she would be, at most, 10minutes to go to the grocery store but she’s not back yet.

Maybe I should call her…I grabbed my phone from my pocket, pulled her cell number from the contacts and hit the call button.





‘Hi! You’ve reached (Y/n) (L/n). Please leave a message.’

“Damn it.” I threw my phone on the couch in slight anger and very worried.


Quickly retrieving my phone, I immediately answered, “(Y/n)?!”

The voice chuckled, “No~ It’s Nagisa! Hey I was wondering if you would like to-”

“Damn it Nagisa! I’m waiting for (Y/n) to call!” I yelled then hung up.

Third Person’s P.O.V.

“Damn it Nagisa! I’m waiting for (Y/n) to call!”

After Makoto hung up, Nagisa sat there, completely oblivious of how worried his giant friend was. Rei, who was sitting next to him, was concerned of how Makoto sounded.

“Hey Rei? What’s wrong with Makoto?” he asked, pouting.

“Um I’m not sure. Maybe we should call him later.” Rei replied and adjusted his glasses.

Back To Makoto’s P.O.V.

I jolted up when I heard the front door open.

“I’m back Makoto!” that was (Y/n)!

I ran to where my girlfriend was, seeing her covered with snow and 2 bags of groceries; I didn’t care how cold the snow was on her, I nearly knocked her over when I hugged her.

“Woah! Easy there Makoto!” she said as she put down the bags then hugged back.

“I’m sorry (Y/n)! I was so worried about you! I thought you got hurt or worse!” I held her tighter until she told me to let her go so she can breathe.

Releasing her, I leaned back very slightly and smiled at her. Before her cold hands could touch the bags, I snatched them up and brought them to the kitchen with (Y/n) following close behind me.

After putting all of the food in its rightful place in the kitchen, I turned around from the fridge, seeing (Y/n) leaned against the counter wearing that beautiful smile that I fell in love with ever since I saw her. I smiled back at her, walked up to her, putting my arms around her waist and rested my forehead against hers. Gently rubbing my nose on hers lightly then kissed her lips, I leaned back making a tiny gap between our faces.

“I’m really glad you’re safe (Y/n). Next time, I’m coming with you.”
Free! (Makoto x Reader) Over-Worrying
This was typed rather quickly when I was tired >A< I hope you enjoy it >.<
Uta Prince Sama Boyfriend Senarios

They Get Jelly *a.k.a. jealous* :3

*This has all of STARISH, Quartet Night, Heavens and some side characters ~^.^~*


Why is (Y/n) talking to Tokiya more than me today? I thought I was her boyfriend. Otoya was seemed fine on the outside but on the inside he was fuming. The scariest part was that he was smiling while watching his girlfriend from a distance across the grassy field. His fists tightened when (Y/n) laughed at whatever Tokiya said. He looked down at a soccer ball that was in front of his foot then smiled bigger.

“So (Y/n) when do you want to meet up to start studying-ACK!” Tokiya fell over when a soccer ball bounced off his head.

“Oh! Sorry about that Tokiya! I didn’t see you there!” Otoya said innocently, wrapping his arm around (Y/n).

“Otoya…!” Tokiya growled as he slowly stood up.

He suddenly charged at him, luckily (Y/n) got out of Otoya’s grip and moved out of the way and saw Tokiya tackle her boyfriend to the ground.

*10minutes Later*

“Ow!” Otoya groaned out in pain when (Y/n) placed a pack of ice on his bruised cheek.

“Sorry if it hurts but you did ask for it.” (Y/n) sighed symphonically; he rested his hand on where her soft hand that was holding the ice pack, “Was it really an accident or was it something else? Be honest.”

The red head pouted, trying to act cute, “I didn’t like how close he was getting to you so I made some distance myself.”

(Y/n) giggled, shook her head and kissed his forehead, “You’re adorable when you’re jealous, you know that Otoya?”


“Hey Toki?”

“I thought I told you I don’t like it when you call me that (Y/n).” he said and poked my forehead from across the dinner table.

“But how come Reiji gets to call you that?” I whined.

“Hmph. Because he always gets away with things and won’t shut up.”

“Still! No excuse! Eh?”

I noticed that there was a waiter standing right next to me, who was a little too close for my liking, “Hey cutie~ I couldn’t help but notice you from across the room but you’re drop-dead gorgeous. Can you go out with me?”

Tokiya nearly snapped a metal fork in half!

“Um sorry. I’m already in a relationship if you can’t tell.” I said, gesturing to my boyfriend.

“Oh~ how lucky for you! If I was dating this fine lady I would take her home with me and-ACK!” the waiter was being held off of the floor by Tokiya holding him up by the collar of his shirt with a dark aura surrounding him.

“Don’t you dare finish that damn sentence! One more word and I’ll have to take you outside for a bit if you want more!” I’ve never seen him this angry before; sure I may have seen him when he was annoyed but this was something different.

I gently wrapped my arms around my boyfriend’s waist from behind along with nuzzling my face into his clothed back, “Let’s go somewhere else. I know a perfect place that’s much better than this!”

My nervous yet cheerful tone seemed to make him calm. The man dropped to the floor quite hard when Tokiya let go of him which made the floor vibrate for a few seconds. He turned to me and smiled.

“Yeah you’re right. Let’s go (Y/n).” he said calmly and took me by my arm, pulling me to him and kissed me deeply in front of the man.

Once he broke the kiss, he pulled me out of the restaurant and took us to another one that was quieter.


“*sigh* What’s taking him so long in that bathroom…” I mumbled to myself while I waited for him at a park bench.

My boyfriend Ren left nearly 10mins ago to use the park washroom, leaving me all alone on this bench. With nothing else to do, I began to play a game on my phone to pass time until a silhouette covered me. I look up in curiosity, hoping it was Ren but it was some weird-looking guy who smelt like rotten cheese.

“Hey babe~ want me to keep you company~?” he asked, sitting down next to me and tried to put his arm around my shoulders.

I scooted on the far end of the bench, shooting him a look of disgust, “No thanks. I don’t like sitting next to creepy people.”

The man had a deep chuckle in his chest then slid across the bench next to me again, “You’re hot. I like your attitude missy! Haha!”

Where the hell is he!? He should have been back a long time ago! I swear if it’s because one of his fans wanted a picture with him, I’m going to flip!

“Hey! You there! Get away from my little lamb!”

Yes! Finally!

“Huh? Who the f*ck are you supposed to be, pretty boy?”

“My name is Ren Jinguji! Now get away from her right now!” he warned.

I noticed the man was about to grab me by my shirt. Hmph! If this is all Ren’s got then I’ll show him what I got!

“HI-YA!!” I flipped the man over onto the ground; the man didn’t dare to move.

I glared from the man to Ren, huffed then walked in a random direction away from the two. He called out to me and spun me around to face him.

“That was incredible! I never knew I had such a strong girlfriend!” he said surprised with his eyes widened.

I lightly patted his cheek, letting out another huff, “Forget about that! You were gone for quite some time to go to the stupid washroom Ren. What were you really doing?” I asked sounding a tad angry.

He shook his head, “Okay I won’t lie to my sweet (Y/n) but I noticed that there were some guys that were following us and checking you out so I kindly dealt with them~”

I rolled my eyes, “Really? Show me then.”

He nodded, walking over to the washroom and behind the building I saw 2 guys on the ground groaning in pain. Once they saw us, they immediately curled up into balls.

“We’re  sorry! We won’t do it again!” the first guy pleads.

“Yeah dude! Just don’t hurt us!” the second guy piped in.

Ren laughed, “See? I told you~!”

Playfully punching his arm and walked away from him again, I smiled to myself on how a lady’s-man like him could get so jealous.

“Hey my little lamb! Wait for me!”


“So many cute animals~!” Natsuki squealed, he was leaning over the small wooden fence and petted the baby goat.

“They are cute! *gasp*” I happily said but gasped when I saw a small bunny huddled up in a corner by itself.

I ran from my boyfriend’s side over to the bunny, picking it up and cuddled it into my chest. Natsuki came over and tried to get my attention but I was so focused on the adorable little rabbit that it made Natsuki start to feel a little…jealous.

“Nya~! This is the cutest little guy I’ve ever seen~! Don’t you agree Natsuki?” I turned my head upwards to face him when he was silent, “You okay? Hey! Give him back, you bully!” Natsuki had taken the bunny out of my hands and placed it back into its pen.

I was about to protest until his smile returned and hugged me tightly, “No~! I’m only the cutest one for my (Y/n)~!”

Ohh so that’s why he did that. Someone was jealous~


“Order what you want. I’m heading to the washroom.” My boyfriend, Satsuki, said sternly then left for the washroom.

At first I didn’t want to be left alone for even a few minutes because I tend to get very nervous around people that I don’t know. Okay, as long as no one talks to me until Satsuki gets back I’ll be fine. Besides, it took a lot of convincing of going out tonight since he doesn’t like being around many people.

“Eh?” I swerved my head around when I felt a hard grip on my shoulder.

“Hey sexy~ *hic*” Oh great! A drunk person! Just what I needed.

I managed to get his arm off of me, “U-Um may I help you?”

The drunk man leaned in close to my face, his breath reeked of alcohol, “*hic* Yeah! I want you to *hic* c-come home with m-me right *hic* now~ I want to party with a *hic* angel like *hic* you~” he tried to reach for me again but I was prepared this time and moved away from him again.

“No.” the man didn’t seem like he liked my answer so he started to get annoyed.

“DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY (Y/N)!!!!” Satsuki roared.

Before he could lay a hand on me, I saw his body fly across the restaurant, smashing into the garbage bin that was next to the doors that led into the kitchen. I was so relieved that my boyfriend came back! But here’s the worse part, now he’s angry and he usually goes on a rampage when he’s even a little ticked off. Satsuki’s eyes were looking murderous at the unconscious drunk man. I should stop him before things get any worse!

“NO! SATSUKI!” I pleaded loudly, holding him back from moving any further; he stopped, “Please! I don’t want things to get messy from here…I would really appreciate if we just left things finished here…it would hurt me if you did, Satsuki…” whenever Satsuki was angry, I would always manage to calm him down before he did any destruction.

“Hmph! You’re f*cken lucky that I’m listening to you right now (Y/n).” he paused, facing to me fully while glaring down at me, “You owe me or else I’ll do it myself, you got that!? Now come here!” my boyfriend suddenly kisses me very roughly in front of everyone in the restaurant that can see; he made sure that everyone saw who I belonged to.

I squeaked when he threw me over his shoulder, carrying me out of the restaurant as he mumbled to himself and did the same when we headed home, “You’re going to do what I say tonight since you held me back from murdering that f*cken drunk b*stard!”

I gulped.


“Grrr.” Syo growled to himself as he watched his girlfriend laugh away while she was talking to someone on the phone.

“How did you get so funny? You’re hilarious! Hahahaha!” Syo’s grip on his pencil made it snap in pure jealously.

His girlfriend was talking to a friend of hers for almost an hour and Syo couldn’t focus on his songs because he was wondering who the hell was making HIS girlfriend laugh like that! He stood up from the table, tossing the broken pencil across the room, marched up to (Y/n), who was completely oblivious to him, and snatched the phone out of her grip.

“Hey! Give that back Syo!” she scolded him, reaching for the phone but missed when he moved away from her, she let out a huff.

“Hey! Whoever this is, stop flirting with MY girlfriend unless you want me to find you and beat the living crap out of you!” Syo yelled at the person over the phone.

(Y/n) couldn’t believe that he was yelling at her friend, “Syo! Knock it off! She wasn’t flirting with me! She just said some really funny jokes!”

His angry expression dramatically changed when he heard a female voice on the line, “Umm sorry!” the female hung up the phone quickly; Syo’s face turned red when it was one of (Y/n)’s girl friends that she hangs out with once in a while.

“U-Uh sorry…?” Syo cringed when (Y/n) glared at him while tapping her foot on the floor; he gave back the phone and tried to hug her but instead, he got a harsh poke at his chest and received an earful lecture from his girlfriend through the whole afternoon.


Exams were coming up very soon and (Y/n) needed help keeping focused on her studies since she tends to get distracted when she studies alone. So she asked her strict boyfriend, Masato, to assist her. It was such a coincidence too because he needed to study as well. The couple was studying together in the lounge area of the school. Nearly an hour into studying, Masato decided to go make some tea in the kitchen.

“Keep studying. You’re doing great (Y/n).” he smiled then left her side to go make the tea.

She shook her head, sighing in happiness. She thought how lucky she was to have a boyfriend like him…little did she know that his rival spotted (Y/n). Ren smirked to himself and snuck up behind her then once he was close enough, he wrapped his arms around her and brought his lips close to her ear.

“Hello my little lamb~” his breath tickled her ear; she leaned away yet his arms were still around her.

“U-Umm h-hello…?” she greeted unsurely.

Masato was coming back from making the tea, holding two cups of the hot delicious liquid. His eyes sharpened when he saw his girlfriend being touched by Ren, his rival. He fastened his pace; once he reached the two, he set the cups down harshly.

“Get your filthy hands off her.” Masato demanded, you could hear the coldness off of his tone.

Ren was entertained by his rival’s attitude. He did not move and returned Masato’s glare with a sly smile.

“Now!” Masato said sounding threatening.

Ren chuckled to himself and removed his arms off of (Y/n), “Calm down lover-boy~ You really need to take it easy~” Ren slyly mentioned.

“Not when someone is touching my girlfriend. I think you should take your leave, (Y/n) and I are very busy studying. I think you should too. By yourself.” He shot back as he sat in a spare chair next to her.

Ren smirked, “*sigh* Fine, fine~ I’ll take my leave now. See you later my little lamb~” he said and winked at her then quickly exited the room before he would receive a death wish.


“Aww~ You’re the cutest thing I’ve ever seen~!” a female’s voice squealed from her dorm room; Cecil, who was on the other side of the door, listened in on his girlfriend’s squeals.
I never knew (Y/n) could make her voice like that…but more importantly who’s with her…? The prince’s emotion went from complete innocent and curiosity to anger and jealously. I’m only (Y/n)’s cute boyfriend! He grabbed the door knob and slammed the door open, revealing his girlfriend rolling around on the floor with a small kitten in front of her. She immediately sat up and smiled brightly at her boyfriend.

“Hey~! You wouldn’t believe this but this poor baby kitten was pawing at my window! I couldn’t ignore it because it’s so cute~!” she said cheerfully, gesturing him to sit with her.

He eye-balled the kitten in jealously but didn’t show it. Instead he smiled, went over to (Y/n) and lay across her lap; the girl giggled and started to play with his hair.

“Meow!” the kitten jumped up on Cecil’s stomach and curled up into a ball, making itself comfy on its new bed temporarily.

“Aw~ Do you want some attention from me little guy~?” Cecil asked it, reaching out to pet it but quickly pulled back when it hissed at him and jumped off of him and darted out of the room.

“*gasp* Oh no! Come back kitty!” (Y/n) shouted desperately as she got up and ran after it, leaving Cecil by himself.

“Damn it…! Stupid cat taking all of my (Y/n)’s attention and love away from me! I’m only (Y/n)’s kitty!” Cecil mumbled to himself and got up as well and ran after his girlfriend.


Reiji and (Y/n), hand in hand, were walking downtown looking at random stores that catch their interest. (Y/n) dragged him into a clothing store, wanting to try the cute outfit she spotted. Reiji waited outside of the changing room for a few minutes then his light grey eyes widened when he saw his girlfriend.

“Well? What do you think Reiji?” (Y/n) asked rather shyly.

He opened his mouth to compliment how amazing her outfit was until a deep voice popped in.

“Wow! You look pretty good in that outfit. What’s your name cutie?” a random guy asked, approaching the, now, nervous female; the man stopped when Reiji was in front of (Y/n), using himself as a shield.

Reiji put on his coldest glare, “I don’t think my girlfriend was asking you! And her name doesn’t concern you either so back off.”

The man, being completely thrown off by this, he frowned at him then left the store. Reiji turned to (Y/n), smiling, and kissed her nose.

“You look stunning in that outfit! Let’s go buy it!”


“How’s it goin’ bros? My name is Peewwdiepie!” a loud welcoming voice greeted from the computer screen.

(Y/n) was having a marathon of watching Pewdiepie videos today. Ai was reading at his desk but couldn't focus because of her giggles whenever something funny happened.

He snapped his head over to her, his stare looked slightly annoyed, “What’s so funny?”

“Oh!” she paused the video, “I’m watching this hilarious guy named Pewdiepie! He has the most subscribers out of all youtubers!”

His eyebrows furrowed together, “He sounds annoying.”

“Fiiiine, I won’t fight back on this. I’m going to continue this video then!” she said playfully and went back to watching it.

How come I can’t make her laugh that easily? The cyan haired boy tried to focus on his book again but his grip tightened, crumpling the pages, when laughter rang in his ears. That’s it. Placing his book down calmly, walked up to where the wires were connected to (Y/n)’s computer and pulled the plug.

“AI MIKAZE! Why did you do that!?” she yelled.

He ignored her question and trapped her between him and the chair. His hands were on both of the chair’s armrests; his eyes were boring into hers. Suddenly he kissed her hard then pulled away and went back to reading his book with a smirk, leaving his girlfriend flustered and confused.


“Hey (Y/n). Do you want anything from the fridge?” Ranmaru asked (Y/n) while he was grabbing a few drinks.

“Mmm yeah! I’ll have some (Insert Favourite Drink) please!” Reiji chuckled at her manners, thinking it was cute.

“Oh (Y/n)-chan~ why must you be so cute especially with those manners of yours~?” Reiji chimed from across the table, where all of the Quartet Night members and (Y/n) were sitting.
Ranmaru’s head shot up when he heard Reiji called (Y/n) cute. After grabbing all of the drinks and slammed the fridge door shut, he roughly put the drinks down on the table but gave (Y/n)’s carefully and glared at Reiji.

“Do you want you’re a*s kicked? Because it sure sounds like you do.” He said coldly; Ai and Camus were listening, waiting to see what happens next.

Reiji gulped and stood up, taking his drink, “Haha you’re very funny Ran-Ran! I think I’ll pass that opportunity. See ya!” he said and left the room to go watch TV.

Ranmaru snapped out of it when he heard a giggle beside him, he looked down at his girlfriend who was smiling up at him, “Someone’s a bit jealous~ Tee hee~”

Ranmaru cheeks turned red and looked away, “Hmph.”


One early morning, Camus decided to make some tea for his lovely girlfriend, (Y/n). But when he walked down to where (Y/n) was relaxing in the kitchen with the tea, he saw Masato giving her some tea that he made. The icy-blue eyed man watched from around the corner of the hall and listened in on their conversation.

He watched (Y/n)’s lips take a slow long sip of the tea then pulled it away from her mouth, “Wow Masato! You’re really good at making tea! What kind of tea is this?”

Camus’s eyes locked on him, glaring, “I’m afraid I can’t tell you that because it’s a family secret recipe for this specific kind of tea.” Masato looked at his watch, “Oh. I’m very sorry (Y/n) but I have to get going to a meeting with STARISH. I’ll make you some more later if you’d like?”

She nodded, “Sure, thank you and good luck.”

As soon as he leaves, Camus comes in and greeted his girlfriend with a small smile, “Good morning my beautiful (Y/n). Would you like to have some tea?”

“Oh I think I’m okay for now. Masato was kind enough to make me tea without me even asking but thank you though honey.” Camus didn’t like how she refused his tea that he made specially for her.

He sat down next to her and gently put the tea he made in front of her on the small coffee table, “At least one small sip. I made sure to make it the best tea in the world for the one I love. It wouldn’t hurt, would it (Y/n)?”

How could (Y/n) not say no to him; she was cut off from her thoughts when Camus mumbled quietly to himself, “My tea is far more better than that Hijirikawa’s tea.”

The (H/C) haired girl giggled at his comment then took a sip of his tea. He waited for an answer from her as he stared at her with anticipation.



“You’re tea is always going to be my #1 favourite.” After (Y/n) said that, she pecked his nose and took another drink on the tea.


Eiichi was secretly following his girlfriend around town while she was shopping. The (H/C) haired girl was oblivious to the fact that men were checking her out and saying how beautiful she was out loud.

What a bunch of pigs! (Y/n) is only mine and I have to protect my princess from these peasants! Eiichi made sure to swiftly deal with the strangers that he passed by who checked out and complimented his girlfriend. Just as he expected, a man was about to approach her until he ran in front of (Y/n) and kissed her on the lips quickly, surprising her. Eiichi glanced at the man and smirked when the man grumbled and walked away; he pulled away from (Y/n)’s lips, smirking in confidence.

“Eiichi! What are you doing here? I thought you had a photo-shoot to be at?” (Y/n) exclaimed surprised but happy.

He wrapped his arm around her waist and walked, “Well I thought I was too but it got cancelled last minute and I felt like you were ‘in danger’…”

….from other men trying to steal your heart.


As Nagi’s girlfriend, it was quite hard for (Y/n) to deal with his obsessive fan girls. But as (Y/n)’s boyfriend, there were some guys that would flirt with her even though it was obvious that she belongs to Nagi, guys would still try to impress her. (Y/n) was sitting next to Nagi who was signing autographs at a table after his concert he performed with the Heavens. She wasn’t necessarily worried about him right now because all he was doing was smiling and signed peoples stuff. She felt a tap on her shoulder then looked up to see a tall boy, looking pretty confident, looking down at her seductively; from under the table (Y/n)’s hand squeezed Nagi’s thigh, catching his attention and he glared at the boy.

“What’s a pretty girl like you going out with this shrimp? Don’t you prefer a good-looking guy like me~?” he said as he gestured to his body.

Nagi was fuming. He was about to put this cocky jerk in his place until (Y/n) wrapped her arms around Nagi.

“I would never, in a million years, go with a guy like you, you jerk! I love Nagi and no one else! So leave me alone!” Nagi was taken back by his girlfriend’s outtake then smirked and decided to finish the sentence off.

“Yeah! Now go away before I call security to come and drag you out of here!” Nagi spoke out loud and confidently.

Even though the guy was going to leave, Nagi called security and watched in amusement while the guy was being pulled out of the hall.


Kira was a man of silence. Though he hardly said much, he’s with someone who’s the complete opposite of him. (Y/n) was more talkative and cheerful and she somehow managed to win his heart. He was going more into his thoughts about how he loved her but heard something fall on the carpeted flooring of the Heavens music studio.

“Oops! My bad!” his girlfriend quietly said to herself as she was bending over to pick up the papers that she dropped.

His eyes wandered over to Eiichi, who was staring at her butt, smirking. He wanted to punch off that stupid smirk of his. Kira lets out a small growl as he gets up from the couch, glaring Eiichi down and walked over to (Y/n). When (Y/n) stood up straight from collecting the papers, she was caught off guard when Kira pulled her against his body and kissed her passionately, making her let out a squeak, and continuing to glare at Eiichi from the corner of his eye.


Today, Ringo decided to bring (Y/n) and himself to a spa to relax after from all the hard work that had been happening from the past couple of weeks. He decided to get a treatment called the ‘couples massage’. After they got undressed and covered themselves up with towels, they laid down next to eachother on the two tables. He reached out, took her hand, bringing it to his lips and kissed it softly.

(Y/n) softly smiled at her boyfriend, “Thank you for doing this Ringo. I think we both really needed this after all the work we did.”

He nodded, “I have to take care of my beautiful delicate flower don’t I?”

The door opened then was gently closed and a man and an old woman walked in, wearing their plain uniform. He notices that the male was already massaging (Y/n) and the old woman started to put pressure into his back. (Y/n)’s soft moans were in Ringo’s ears. His eyebrow twitched in slight anger; he only wants to be the one to make her moan like that!

He props himself up on his elbows and looked over his bare shoulder, “Excuse me but can we have you two switch.” It didn’t sound like a request, it sounded like a demand.

The workers switched with no questions asked and (Y/n) looked at her smiling boyfriend, “This is much better~ Don’t you agree (Y/n)?”


“Don’t worry. Just hold on a little longer and I’ll be done these papers then I’ll take us for dinner (Y/n).” Ryuya said while his eyes were locked on his paperwork that he was doing at his desk.

(Y/n) was sitting across from him, “Alright, take your time.”

She decided to pass the time quicker by texting one of her friends. Ryuya’s sharp eyes caught a hold of her phone that she was facing away. He tried to see who she was texting but she kept leaning back.

“Hey, who are you texting?” he asks, glancing up from his work.

(Y/n) didn’t look away from her phone screen, “Just a friend of mine. Hurry up so we can go eat!” she said, smiling.

Ryuya continued his work, sneaking glances at her from time to time, seeing her smile never fading as she’s texting. A giggle escaped from her mouth. He put down his pen, leaned over the desk and took away her phone.

“This is distracting me. I’m confiscating this.” He said as he sat back down in his chair.

(Y/n) rested her chin on her hand, “But what will I do? That was the only thing I have on me to pass time by at the moment!” she complained then flinched when he handed her some paper and pencils.

“Draw in the meantime.”

She stuck out her tongue at him then began to draw random things on the pages. While (Y/n) was drawing, Ryuya took this chance to look at her phone to see who she was talking to. His sharp eyes softened when he saw that she was texting Haruka. He shook his head to himself, feeling slightly guilty of looking through his girlfriend’s phone, then leans over the desk and kisses her forehead.

“I love you (Y/n).” he whispered to her then finished off his paperwork.


“*sigh* what ride should we go on next Kaoru?” (Y/n) asked as she was nibbling away at her cotton candy that her boyfriend bought her.

He tilted his head and took a bite out of his own, “Mmm…maybe some more rollercoasters?” she nodded her head fast that made him chuckle.

(Y/n) was about to take another bite of the cotton candy but a piece fell into her shirt where her chest was. Kaoru glanced at her when he heard her squeak; his face turned completely red and looked away immediately to be respectful of his girlfriend.
She turned him around and looked at him with pleading eyes, “Keep a lookout for me please?”

All he did was nod and kept an eye out for any pass-byers. Strangely no one was near except a guy sitting on a bench far across from them. Kaoru squinted his eyes to get a better look at him and got mad when he saw the guy staring at (Y/n), in a perverted way, while she tried to fish out the piece of candy from her shirt. He fists clenched together tight enough until his knuckles were white while he gritted his teeth. A decent sized rock was beside his foot, an idea hit him; the blonde looked around to see if anyone was looking or near. Since the guy was distracted, Kaoru smiled evilly to himself, picked up the rock and whipped it at the guy’s head. It hit its target hard enough to knock the guy out. He smiled in victory, mentally cheering for himself; standing up from the bench that he and (Y/n) were sitting on, Kaoru leans down in front of her face.

“Finally! Got it out!” she happily said in relief.

With the smile never leaving his lips, he leaned in close to (Y/n), “Here’s your reward~” he kissed his girlfriend somewhat hard and sweet on her lips; he thought to himself of how he’ll strike the next guy that tries to look at his girlfriend in such a way.
Uta Prince Sama Boyfriend Scenarios Jealously
I tried my best to keep all of these guys in character so I hope you all enjoy this new series I'm starting with Uta Prince Sama Boyfriend Scenarios. This scenario is when they get jealous ~>u<~
K-Project (Mikoto x Reader) That Looks Good

“(Y/n). This is a bad idea.” Izumo whispered at me from Mikoto’s open doorway.

I ignored him and quietly went over to the sleeping Mikoto with a permanent marker in my hand, smirking. He shook his head and left downstairs where Anna and the other HOMRA members were, leaving me alone with the handsome Red King. This was perfect! I bet nobody has ever thought of pulling a prank on Mikoto! Probably because he’s very short tempered…oh well! This is worth the laughs! I snickered as I began to carefully draw on his face with the bold marker.

“Who knew *insert color* could look so good on him~ Pfft!” I whispered evilly to myself.

At the worst possible moment, he stirred in his sleep! I thought he was a deep-sleeper! I held my breath, my heart rate was increasing rapidly but I un-tensed when he fell back asleep. Phew, that was a close one! After a few finishing touches, I slipped the marker in my pocket and left the room without a sound.

An hour went by; everyone was enjoying themselves including myself. I was sitting at the bar chatting away with Izumo and Tatara, telling them of what I did since they were the only ones who knew of what I did to their King. Tatara laughed, Izumo chuckled nervously.


The sound of someone stomping their feet was coming from the stairs, boomed throughout the room. Everybody shushed, looking over to where the noise was and they stifled their laughter of the sight of their very pissed-off King. I immediately turned away so he wouldn’t see me trying so hard to hold back my evil giggles.

“Who the f*ck did this?” Mikoto demanded, walking to the middle of the room, shooting a glare at each person as if he’s daring them to laugh.

Izumo was stunned then leaned in to my ear, “I think you went a ‘little’ too far with the drawings. I hope that’s not permanent.”

Not saying a word, all I did in response was nod. Izumo leaned back, looking at me with worried-some look, mentally telling me that Mikoto is going to kill me if he finds out. Being too caught up in my thoughts, I didn’t notice the angry King come up behind me. I jerked forward when he grabbed my shoulders, forcing me to turn around and look at him.

“(Y/n). Do you know anything about this?”

“Yes! It looks like someone drew a bunch of things on your face!” I replied slyly.

His glare started to get more tense, making Tatara move away nervously, “I think whoever decided to do this is going to get it…really bad. What do you think (Y/n)?”

Why is he asking so many questions?! Did he already find out it was me!? Stop it! Be calm and everything will be fine.

“Well for the person who did this terrible thing sure does deserve it! What are you going to do to them?” I waved my arms around exaggeratedly.

He loosened his grip, smirking, “A certain kind of punishment that would scar a person. But if the person doesn’t confess right now, it’ll get worse.”

I gulped, “H-How much worse?”

“A lot.”

“What would happen if I told you right now of who did it?” Izumo and Tatara glanced at eachother worriedly.

“Then you’ll be safe.” He reassured.

I sighed, “Fine it was…MISAKI!!” I shouted out.

Misaki jumped from his seat, “W-WHAT!? I DIDN’T D-DO IT!! I-I SWEAR!!”

I got up from my seat, smiling innocently at him then went through his pant pocket and pulled out the marker that I secretly slipped into his pants earlier, “See~? He’s the culprit!”

Mikoto’s red aura glowed around him, slowly walking towards us, “I suggest you run Misaki~” I whispered in his ear.

“T-This is n-not o-over (Y-Y/n)!” after he said his final words, he bolted out of the HOMRA bar.

“Hey Mikoto!” I called out to him before he left.

“Hm?” his aura disappeared, turning his head slightly towards me.

“IT WAS ME!!” I announced proudly then escaped upstairs into one of the random rooms that I locked myself in until he would find me later that day.
K-Project (Mikoto x Reader) That Looks Good

JinxTheKiller14 requested this fanfic >u< I hope you all enjoy it ~^.^~ Another day with Mikoto ~>u<~

I would like to announce that the PART 2 of my Free! Hold Still is finished~! and I hope you all enjoy it ~^0^~ I would also like to say that I'm very sorry for the long wait of the PART 2 of this fanfic that everyone's been asking for me to do >0< But I am open for requests, so far I've gotten a few people asking for a Yandere! Mikoto x Reader which is on the way for those wanting it ~^o^~ and finally I would like to thank everybody for supporting my stories ~>w<~ *bows*


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