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K-Project (Mikoto x Reader) That Looks Good

“(Y/n). This is a bad idea.” Izumo whispered at me from Mikoto’s open doorway.

I ignored him and quietly went over to the sleeping Mikoto with a permanent marker in my hand, smirking. He shook his head and left downstairs where Anna and the other HOMRA members were, leaving me alone with the handsome Red King. This was perfect! I bet nobody has ever thought of pulling a prank on Mikoto! Probably because he’s very short tempered…oh well! This is worth the laughs! I snickered as I began to carefully draw on his face with the bold marker.

“Who knew *insert color* could look so good on him~ Pfft!” I whispered evilly to myself.

At the worst possible moment, he stirred in his sleep! I thought he was a deep-sleeper! I held my breath, my heart rate was increasing rapidly but I un-tensed when he fell back asleep. Phew, that was a close one! After a few finishing touches, I slipped the marker in my pocket and left the room without a sound.

An hour went by; everyone was enjoying themselves including myself. I was sitting at the bar chatting away with Izumo and Tatara, telling them of what I did since they were the only ones who knew of what I did to their King. Tatara laughed, Izumo chuckled nervously.


The sound of someone stomping their feet was coming from the stairs, boomed throughout the room. Everybody shushed, looking over to where the noise was and they stifled their laughter of the sight of their very pissed-off King. I immediately turned away so he wouldn’t see me trying so hard to hold back my evil giggles.

“Who the f*ck did this?” Mikoto demanded, walking to the middle of the room, shooting a glare at each person as if he’s daring them to laugh.

Izumo was stunned then leaned in to my ear, “I think you went a ‘little’ too far with the drawings. I hope that’s not permanent.”

Not saying a word, all I did in response was nod. Izumo leaned back, looking at me with worried-some look, mentally telling me that Mikoto is going to kill me if he finds out. Being too caught up in my thoughts, I didn’t notice the angry King come up behind me. I jerked forward when he grabbed my shoulders, forcing me to turn around and look at him.

“(Y/n). Do you know anything about this?”

“Yes! It looks like someone drew a bunch of things on your face!” I replied slyly.

His glare started to get more tense, making Tatara move away nervously, “I think whoever decided to do this is going to get it…really bad. What do you think (Y/n)?”

Why is he asking so many questions?! Did he already find out it was me!? Stop it! Be calm and everything will be fine.

“Well for the person who did this terrible thing sure does deserve it! What are you going to do to them?” I waved my arms around exaggeratedly.

He loosened his grip, smirking, “A certain kind of punishment that would scar a person. But if the person doesn’t confess right now, it’ll get worse.”

I gulped, “H-How much worse?”

“A lot.”

“What would happen if I told you right now of who did it?” Izumo and Tatara glanced at eachother worriedly.

“Then you’ll be safe.” He reassured.

I sighed, “Fine it was…MISAKI!!” I shouted out.

Misaki jumped from his seat, “W-WHAT!? I DIDN’T D-DO IT!! I-I SWEAR!!”

I got up from my seat, smiling innocently at him then went through his pant pocket and pulled out the marker that I secretly slipped into his pants earlier, “See~? He’s the culprit!”

Mikoto’s red aura glowed around him, slowly walking towards us, “I suggest you run Misaki~” I whispered in his ear.

“T-This is n-not o-over (Y-Y/n)!” after he said his final words, he bolted out of the HOMRA bar.

“Hey Mikoto!” I called out to him before he left.

“Hm?” his aura disappeared, turning his head slightly towards me.

“IT WAS ME!!” I announced proudly then escaped upstairs into one of the random rooms that I locked myself in until he would find me later that day.
K-Project (Mikoto x Reader) That Looks Good

JinxTheKiller14 requested this fanfic >u< I hope you all enjoy it ~^.^~ Another day with Mikoto ~>u<~

Lonk x Petch  REQUESTED!

AUTHOR’S NOTE:  This was requested by PointlessProtagonist. Both Lonk and Petch are said to be very sassy so just imagine them using a sassy tone throughout this fanfic.

“I want some ice cream!” Petch said out loud.

Lonk’s eyebrow twitched, “Then get it yourself biatch!”

Petch made an over-dramatic gasp, stood up from the couch that she was hogging and stormed over to him and smacked the back of his head, “OW! What the hell!?”

“I thought you were a man, you pansy!”

“Damn prissy princess..” he muttered under his breath.

“What was that?”


“Hmph! That’s what I thought!” she huffed.

Lonk looked in another direction to find something worth his sight until Petch pulled him by his ear making him yelp in pain.

“Come on! You’re coming with me to get some ice cream!” she said as she dragged him outside; Lonk tried to grab anything that would help him.

“No! Get it yourself woman!” he protested even though they were already a block away from Petch’s home.

“Stop whining like the pansy you are!”

By the time they were finished arguing, they were already in front of the ice cream shop.

*10minute Timeskip~*

Petch was glaring Lonk down while he was eating on his ice cream.
“This ice cream would be so much better if your face wasn’t here!” she randomly said outloud, annoyed.

Lonk rolled his eyes over-dramatically and let out an annoyed grunt, “Ugh! You dragged me here! So deal with it Batch (a.k.a. b*tch)!”
Lonk x Petch
This was requested by PointlessProtagonist of Lonk and Petch ^u^ For those who know about Lonk and Petch, I hope it's okay o.o
Free! (Makoto x Reader) Mission Accomplished

His eyes watched (Y/n)’s every movement. The way her smile instantly grew whenever Ren and Ran got the correct answer. Sigh. She’s so beautiful…Makoto stared at her dreamily as he rested his chin on his hand. (Y/n) glanced up and giggled when Makoto got flustered and hid back around the corner where his living room was when she caught him staring at her then looked back at his siblings who were doing exceptionally well on their homework. His face was red from the very beginning which (Y/n) found very adorable of the gentle giant.

She stood up from her seat, “Okay! You guys understand how to do this English homework now?”

“Yes~! Thankyou for helping us (Y/n)!” They both shouted happily at the same time; the older female chuckled.

“No wonder our big brother loves you so much!” Ran said making Ren nod in agreement.

“Mmhm! Yeah! He talks about you all the time and says how much your-MMPH!” before Ren could continue his sentence Ran covered his mouth with her hand.

“Noo! We weren’t suppose to say that Ren! Big brother wanted that a secret!”

Makoto was fuming with embarrassment from the other room, he heard (Y/n)’s reply, “Oh don’t worry about that! Tee hee~ In fact let me go talk to your big brother right now.” the flustered male didn’t wait another second, running up the stairs, ran into his room and unintentionally slammed his door.

His siblings giggled at how shy he gets when he hears or is with (Y/n). She looks back at the two and smiles then walked up the stairs to his room. She knocked on his door gently.

“Makoto? Can I come in please?”

“S-Sorry! Y-You c-can’t!” he shouted back nervously as he was lying under his blankets.

(Y/n) grabbed the doorknob, “Why can’t I?”

“U-Umm b-becau-se..I-I’m b-busy…?” he said unsure with his answer.

“That’s it.” (Y/n) let herself in his room and shut the door behind her and saw Makoto’s body form underneath the blankets.

Smiling to herself, she walked over and bent over to where he was hiding his face and tugged at the blanket lightly, “Please Makoto…I want to talk with you face to face.”

“U-Uhh i-it’s o-okay! I-I’m f-fine!”
(Y/n) let out a sigh in disappointment, trying to sound very sad, “*sniff* Fine…” hopefully that will work!

Makoto lifted the blankets up in a second and pulled her under the blankets with him and held her close to him as he looked her in the eye, “Please don’t cry (Y/n)! I’m sor-RY!”

She kissed his lips. Makoto green eyes grew wide as he let out a surprised grunt. Is this really happening!? He thought. Once her lips left his he already started to miss them, wanting more of those sweet lips.

“You really need to learn how to calm yourself, you know that?” she said softly with a soft smile.

Makoto chuckled, gulped then took a short deep shaky breath, “Heh maybe I should. But (Y/n),” he hovered over her body.

“Y-Yes?” he brought his face close enough for their noses to touch.

“I love you (Y/n)!” he put his hands on her shoulder and pushed her lips onto his ready ones, kissing her hard.

While the new couple was in a passionate moment with eachother, Makoto’s younger siblings were peeking through the crack of the door that they opened by a crack. Trying to hold back their childish giggles, they went back downstairs and gave eachother a high-five while they jumped into the air.

“Mission Accomplished!”
Free! (Makoto x Reader) Mission Accomplished
Another Fanfic with the gentle giant Makoto Tachibana ~^o^~ I hope you enjoy >u<
Free!  (Yandere! Haruka x Reader)  PART 2

*AUTHOR’S NOTE: You have to read Part 1 of Yandere! Haruka x Reader in order to understand Part 2*

“Why did you do that Rin?”

“So we didn’t have to deal with Haru when he wakes up. The firefighters and police will question him and take it from there.”


Sorry Haru…I know you have a dream…but…this is MY dream and you can’t take that from me…


“Eh?” blue eyes slowly began to open to see the fire alarm water sprinklers spraying water droplets everywhere.

He sat up quickly when there was the sound of sirens from outside of the building, “F*ck.” The blue-eyed boy got to his feet and ran to the exit door where Rin and (Y/n) went through.

When he was far away from the Samezuka building, he rested on a park bench, rubbing the back of his head. The male gathered his thoughts on everything that happened…(Y/n)…you’ve been very bad, I’m going to punish you. He began walking to (Y/n)’s house.

*Back at (Y/n)’s Home*

Rin’s eyes were slowly closing until they were shut. Sleep…he really needed it. There was a feeling in his gut that something bad was going to happen but he thought it was just him being paranoid so he shook it off and let sleep overtake him.

A small click was heard from the front door of (Y/n)’s home. A shadow silhouette of a blue-eyed boy made his way inside, closed and locked the door quietly. He waited until his eyes adjusted to the darkness around him then he carefully made his way to (Y/n)’s bedroom. As he was walking to her bedroom, he was getting quite…eager I guess you can say. Thinking of his and (Y/n)’s future together made him excited. The male was too caught up in his thoughts and bumped into a table that a glass vase fell from and made a loud smash.

Rin immediately woke and sat up along with (Y/n) in alarm. She was panicking. Rin put his hand over her mouth so she wouldn’t make a sound; (Y/n) understood with a nod and his hand was removed from her mouth. Both of them got out of bed as quietly as possible. Rin motioned (Y/n) to stay on the other side of the room that was farthest away from the door which she did. Turning his cold glare to the closed bedroom door, he walked up to it. His red eyes narrowed as his hand placed itself on the doorknob, opening the door slowly until Haru kicked it open, sending Rin stumbling backwards. Haru lunged forward at him but Rin made a 360 degree turn to the side making the crazed raven-haired male fall forward. He took this chance to get on top of Haru, turning him on his back then punched him across the face. Haru reached into his side pocket and tried to pull out his switchblade but Rin knocked it out of his grip, making the blade land just out of his reach.

Rin looked at (Y/n) who was trembling as he was trying to prevent Haru from grabbing the blade, “(Y/N)! Grab that knife and keep it away from us!!”

(Y/n) was so scared that her mind went blank and tried to process what was happening.

Haruka’s Ending

Haru noticed her hesitating that distracted Rin.


Rin’s grip loosened very slightly which Haru seized this advantage to surprise him with his sudden action of grabbing the blade and stabbed where Rin’s heart was. Rin was stunned from the pain at his chest; he heard his girlfriend, (Y/n), let out a shrilled scream with a cry as Haru repeated his action until Rin wasn’t breathing. His body was tossed over to the side, now laying on the floor and Haru smiled at his work then looked up at HIS (Y/n) who was bawling on her knees.

“Finally.” He mumbled out, getting up from the floor and walked over to her then pinned her against the floor with ease, “Heh. You’re all mine now (Y/n).” he whispered in her ear, “…forever.”

Sorry Rin..but you shouldn’t have gotten in my way…now (Y/n) is mine..forever.

Rin’s Ending

(Y/n) was so terrified that her mind went blank and tried to process on what was happening.

“DAMN IT (Y/N)! SNAP OUT OF IT NOW!!” Rin roared at his girlfriend as he tried to hold Haruka down.

She shook her head and snapped out of her trance. Seeing Haru’s fingers close to grasping the blade, she ran up to it and snatched it away from him and went back to her spot. There were police sirens getting close to the house that made (Y/n) feel a little relieved.

Haru glared at her, “You’re going to get it when I’m free (Y/n).” he received a harsh hit to his
face from Rin.

“I’M NOT LETTING THAT F*CKING HAPPEN!!” Rin roared out, gripping him tighter.
The sound of heavy running footsteps could be heard then the room got flooded by a few police officers.

“ALL OF YOU! HANDS IN THE AIR! NOW!” one of the officers screamed as they pointed their guns at the three of them.

It took some convincing for Rin to release Haru until (Y/n) calmly explained to the officers of what happened and luckily they believed her. The officers hand-cuffed Haru as Rin was holding him
down then swiftly came and hugged (Y/n) in a tight embrace. Most of the officers left with Haru but just before the last one left, he complimented on Rin’s ability and should think about being a police officer for a career someday. He seemed to love the idea very much. His excitement made

(Y/n) giggle softly and his eyes soften when they landed on her, making him let out a small chuckle and kissed her forehead softly.

“I’ll always protect you no matter what. I love you (Y/n).” Rin spoke gently and soft to her and held her in a tight protective loving hug.
Free! (Yandere! Haruka x Reader) PART 2
Free!  (Yandere! Haruka x Reader)  PART 2
*AUTHOR’S NOTE: You have to read Part 1 of Yandere! Haruka x Reader in order to understand Part 2*
I hope for those who REQUESTED Part 2 of Yandere! Haruka x Reader enjoy it ~>.<~
Uta Prince Sama (Ren x Reader) Awkward Moments

“Damn it! Stop teasing me Ren~!”

“But this is fun (Y/n)~” Ren purred out.

Masato and Ranmaru had their ears pressed against their dorm room that they both shared with Ren, listening in on what was going on inside. Their faces were getting redder each time when they would hear a new sound but their ears weren’t expecting of what they heard next.

“Come on~ You’re so close (Y/n)~”

“Please just give it to me!” (Y/n) panted out loudly as there was a repeated thumping sound.

Ranmaru and Masato had enough and barged into the room. Their eyes widened at the sight before them. (Y/n) and Ren’s heads turned to them as she stopped her actions from grabbing (Insert Favorite Candies) that Ren was holding out of her reach.

“Hi guys!” (Y/n) said with a big smile.

Ren noticed how red his roommates were, “What’s the matter with you two?” he asked, raising his eyebrow questionably.

Ranmaru was still in shock from what he ‘thought’ he heard a few minutes ago. Masato was fumbling with his words that sounded gibberish. While Ren was focused on the two flabbergasted men, (Y/n) snatched the candies from him and bolted out of the room.

“Hey! Give those back (Y/n)!” he yelled and ran after her.

Masato and Ranmaru glanced at eachother, “Let’s forget about what we heard Masato.”

Uta Prince Sama (Ren x Reader) Awkward Moments
Here's another Uta Prince Sama fanfic with Ren x Reader ~^.^~
I would like to announce that the PART 2 of my Free! Hold Still is finished~! and I hope you all enjoy it ~^0^~ I would also like to say that I'm very sorry for the long wait of the PART 2 of this fanfic that everyone's been asking for me to do >0< But I am open for requests, so far I've gotten a few people asking for a Yandere! Mikoto x Reader which is on the way for those wanting it ~^o^~ and finally I would like to thank everybody for supporting my stories ~>w<~ *bows*


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