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(Diabolik Lovers)  Scenario #2

The boys seeing their lover getting sexually harassed at work.

Shu Sakamaki: *comes up behind the guy, tightly gripping his shoulder* I could smell you were bothersome from a mile okay (Y/n)?

Reiji Sakamaki: *stands next to the man with an intimidating look* Now what is your name? Do you know how improper it is to do this to a lady especially like her? Why do you ask? Simple. She’s with me. So if you’d be so kind to step off like a gentleman please or else we’re going to have a situation.

Laito Sakamaki: *smiling while there’s a dark aura radiating off him as he’s squeezing the man’s arm to the point where it cuts off his blood circulation* Mm? He didn’t hurt you, did he doll-chan? Oh I saw what happened, I was seeing if I should hurt him more than I intend to right now.

Kanato Sakamaki: *gets fired up, setting Teddy on the counter but gets more pissed off that the man is laughing at him* WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE FLIRTING WITH MY (Y/N) AND MOCKING ME IN MY PRESENCE!?! *kicks the back of the man’s leg causing him to fall to the floor then looks at his lover with a gentle smile* Make sure you look after Teddy until I’m done okay?

Ayato Sakamaki: *gets really angry, nearly choking the man when he grabs him by the throat* Oi! Who the f*ck are you to flirt with my girl?! *starts taking the man outside leaving his lover nervous* NOBODY MESSES WITH MY BELONGINGS BUT ORE-SAMA A*SHOLE!

Subaru Sakamaki: HEY! *roughly throws the man onto his back then pulls him half off the ground by his shirt* WHAT DID YA SAY TO HER!? *the man is pissing himself from how scary Subaru is* HOW ABOUT I BEAT THE LIVING SH*T OUTTA YA AND SEE IF YOU’LL DO THAT SH*T AGAIN!!

Ruki Mukami: I beg your pardon? But will you stop bothering my livestock? *the man continues to bother Ruki’s lover; Ruki snickers then holds him by the throat tightly* If I were you I would knock off whatever you’re doing before things get a little messy. Understand?

Kou Mukami: *gets in front of the man* Hey! Do you know who I am? Yeah that’s right! And this is MY girlfriend you’re flirting with! *the man doesn’t care and tells Kou how much of a turn-on his lover is* *Kou knocks the man out* Would you like to say that again~?

Yuma Mukami: HAH!? WHAT DID YA SAY!? *picks the man up by the collar of his shirt, letting him dangle in the air* You seriously have that much balls to f*ck with me? Heh! Let’s go for a walk shall we? *takes the man outside*

Azusa Mukami: *taps the man’s shoulder* Excuse me…but can…you please stop…you’re making my girlfriend…uncomfortable and…I don’t like that…*the man doesn’t take him seriously and laughs at him. Luckily one of Azusa’s brothers was nearby to take the man out*

Carla Tsukinami: *has a death grip on the man’s shoulder, glaring at him intensively* You should know your place ‘kisama’. Do you happen to realize that you’re performing lustful actions towards this special lady that is mine? *the man tries to be tough by talking back to Carla* Hmph. You’re just like every other pathetic mortal. Come. *teleports with the man back to the Tsukinami mansion in the dungeons*

Shin Tsukinami: *punches the man in the face causing him to stumble. Shin stands directly in front of the man with a hand on his opposite shoulder* You know you shouldn’t play with things that
aren’t yours…! *flips the man on the hard floor* You Know what I do to pieces of sh*t like you? *Shin laughs at the man whose trembling then grabs his throat and teleport into the Tsukinami courtyard where Shin’s wolves are* As you can tell they haven’t eaten yet.
(Diabolik Lovers) Scenario #2
Yes another scenario of the boys reactions to when someone messes with their lover ~>w<~ for those who are wondering about the yandere series of each of the Diabolik Lover boys there still in progress! I'm very sorry >^<
Music Is An Art   (Laito Sakamaki x Reader)

Okay! This drawing should look exactly how I imagined it to be now that I put some thought into it! I mentally got myself psyched up before I pressed my pencil into the blank page and began to sketch. An hour went by, some progress was made but I needed inspiration. What else...

"Hm? Is my doll-chan drawing something?" I chose to ignore Laito because I really needed to focus.

"Sorry Laito. Can't talk too much right now, I'm trying to think of what else to add..." my head sunk into the couch cushion, letting out a sigh that blew a strand of my hair away from my face.

He walked away but sat in front of the piano. What was he planning to do? Ah never mind him (Y/n),
FOCUS! Then the sound of the piano began to play. It was nice to fill the silence. The pencil in my hand danced around the page. My mind was overflowing with creative ideas to improve my sketch. Laito continued to play until I finished my drawing. The song ended and I was shocked with how well my piece turned out.

"Wow...I never could have finished this without-"


A giggle escaped my smiling lips, turned to face him and agreed. Laito and I have our moments like this from time to time. Whenever I'm stumped on something, he's my inspiration. I like him when he's acting his normal self too.
Music Is An Art (Laito Sakamaki x Reader)
I decided to make a short drabble of Laito when he's not a pervert >w<
(Diabolik Lovers) Yandere! Ayato x Reader  Possessive.


“*grunts* S-Shut up..someone might hear us…ah!”

Ayato used all of his strength to not smash the door down. Instead he gritted his teeth and clenched his fists to the point where his knuckles turned white. He knew that if he dared to enter Subaru’s room he would most likely be a dead man. All he could do was drag himself away. He couldn’t go into his own room because of how loud they were. Eventually after wandering around the mansion he sat on a balcony railing. The moon shined brightly more than usual. A shadow casted over his eyes; his grip on the stone railing was hard enough for it to crack, almost breaking it. He pondered for a while on how to claim (Y/n) as his without getting murdered by his abnormally strong younger brother.

….his grin revealed his fangs when he had a plan then he instantly vanished.

“Mm you were really great! I always knew you were rough.” (Y/n) teased as she was curled up on her lover.

Subaru got flustered, tightening his fists, “S-Shut up…”

Ayato’s scent came to his attention.

He sat up, looking around the room with fierce glowing eyes from the bed as he was holding (Y/n) behind with his arm. (Y/n) could sense there was something wrong so she quickly slipped on her nightgown from the side of the bed and Subaru slipped on his pants, not wearing a shirt. He became very wary when he got up. Ayato’s scent gave away his hiding place; Subaru smashed his fist into the closet making wooden shards fly. He cursed when he wasn’t in there; Ayato was by (Y/n)’s side.
She didn’t know what else to say other than whimper Subaru’s name. He knew his lover was scared. Ayato knew his future lover was scared. Taking full advantage of where things were going, he roughly grabbed her by the throat and slowly licked her cheek. Subaru was frozen in place. He was furious at what his brother was doing! But if he attacked him there was a high chance that he might hurt her or Ayato break her neck with ease.

“S-Stop it!” (Y/n) eyes were glossy from tears.

Despite her protests, the possessive vampire continued. Subaru felt as if he’s letting his lover down by not doing anything. What if she doesn’t want to be with me anymore because I did nothing.. What if… These negative thoughts were drowning in his mind.

Ayato was (Y/n)’s ex-boyfriend. She had to break it off because he was being overly-possessive and always bringing her down. One day he would be following and asking too many questions then the next would be very verbally abusive. That day where (Y/n) broke up with him she had to have Reiji and Subaru with her for obvious reasons. As the days progressed, Ayato tried to make her want him back but that back-fired on him when he saw her and Subaru kissing in the garden. After what Ayato saw that day he never could let go of (Y/n). She was in his thoughts constantly; he was just too crazy about his…ex. So several months later, the day has come where Ayato would get her back.

“Shut up. You know you still belong to Ore-Sama even that day where you left me for that monster.”

“SUBARU IS NOT A MONSTER! YOU ARE THE MONSTER AYATO SAKAMAKI!!” Subaru was taken for surprise when he noticed his lover standing up for him against his brother.

‘This is not gonna end well. I have to get him away from her…!’ Subaru thought as a bead of sweat slid down the side of his face.

“Subaru…please…help me-ACK!” Ayato slammed her against the wall by her throat.

“Listen to your Ore-Sama or else he’s gonna punish you! You should of never left you must obey Ore-Sama in order for him to forgive you.” He turned his stare to his brother, “Ore-Sama NEVER wants you to be by his side, only mine.”

It shattered both Subaru’s and (Y/n)’s hearts to think of a horrible scenario like that. Subaru was expecting for the words to fall out of (Y/n)’s mouth but instead heard this.

“No! Just because you’re stronger than me doesn’t me I’ll get bent for you! You had your chance Ayato! And you abused that! So look at YOUR faults because I love Subaru!!” this sent Ayato over the edge to hear her talk back to him like this!

Before Ayato could kill her and Subaru to smash his head in, the rest of their brothers came in. Reiji had injected a knock-out potion into Ayato’s neck, instantly Ayato fell unconscious, dropping (Y/n) in the process. As she was catching up on her breathing, Subaru was stunned. Why would his brothers help them? They didn’t care…did they?

“Subaru.” Reiji spoke, picking up Ayato, “I want you and (Y/n) to clean yourselves up and meet me in my study. Understood?”

He nodded, staring at his lover wide-eyed, still shocked that she is alive.

“My my it seems that my hot-headed little brother is surprised~ We knew what was going to happen after her and Ayato broke up. It was easy to see that something terrible like this happened.” Laito sounded confident but with a hint of consideration on (Y/n)’s behalf because he too was impressed that she survived.

“Neh Teddy…do you think they’ll ever find out why we helped them? Heheh…” Kanato disappeared then Shuu then Laito and Reiji, only leaving Subaru and (Y/n) in the room.

Once (Y/n) had recovered, she reached out to Subaru for a hug. He was a little hesitant at first but gave into his feelings. He dropped to his knees in front of his lover and began to sob; the couple embraced ever so tightly. He was too overjoyed that, (Y/n), who he loves the most, still wants to be by his side no matter how badly Ayato, now, wants to kill them.
(DiabolikLovers) Yandere!Ayato xReader Possessive
Holy crap finally it's done! I was on a writer's block on this for a little while as you guys noticed! o.o but I hope you guys enjoy it ~^o^~ Now onto Subaru ~>w<~
(Diabolik Lovers)  Scenario #1
How would they react when they saw their lover bent over picking up something or making the bed?

Shu Sakamaki:  For being the lazy-butt he is, he would probably stare at his lover’s ass from the couch he’s laying on with a smirk; but then close he eyes when his lover would look at him.

Reiji Sakamaki:  He would look away out of respect to withhold his gentleman role. Yet…he would be thinking how good his lover’s ass is all day, having a blush cover his cheeks, and whenever his lover would come talk to him, having no idea what happened, he would tell his lover that he is going to punish her for being naughty which leads to his lover’s confusion and blush really red.

Laito Sakamaki:  Okay okay we all can guess what Mr. bitch-san would do. He would go behind his lover while she’s bent over and caress her hips then hold her against him. When his lover stands up, he would use his other arm around her waist to hold her in place then seductively lick his lover’s ear and whisper how much she turned him on and what he’s going to do.

Kanato Sakamaki:  At first he’d scoff and ignore the view. But then he would get very annoyed about the blush coming on his face and use his Teddy to hide it. After his lover picked up whatever she dropped, she would turn around noticing him very red. Once she asked what’s wrong, he would angrily snap at her yelling for her to mind her own business and go away.

Ayato Sakamaki:  The entire time he would be staring with no shame, clearly not caring. His mind would wander into dirty thoughts of what he could do to his lover then get up, causally walking over and slapped his lover’s ass. But the funny part is when she would turn around and notice his perverted look. Once he saw his lover’s flustered reaction, he’d try to not let his embarrassment get the better of him for the sake of his big ego; instead he would act tough and announce out loud how his lover’s ass belongs to him then take them somewhere private like his room or something.

Subaru Sakamaki:  Left, right, center, he would turn beat red in an instant. Sure he would be a bit of a pervert about it in his mind but after a few moments of staring he would look away and yell at his lover to stop playing innocent; and when she gave a confused response, giving an adorable look back at him, he would clumsily pick up the things his lover dropped then stuff them in her arms and storm away.

Ruki Mukami:  He would be similar with Reiji on punishment, assuming that his lover is doing it on purpose. He would be behind his lover and grab her ass causing her to squeak and stand straight up; while his lover was getting flustered and asking why he did that, he would hold a perverted sly smirk the whole time and be straight-forward on telling his lover her punishment along on being a tease to him.

Kou Mukami:  He’d be playful about it; a mischievous kind of playful. The blond idol would innocently say how nice his lover’s ass is then tone it down to a point where he’s being seductive by playfully smacking then possessively grabbed her ass then pressed his lips right against her ear and whispered what he’s going to do.

Yuma Mukami:  He would be a little shy at first by glancing away along with his face being red. But then his inner ego will show up and he’ll become Mr. dominant-tough guy. He would come up to his lover from the front, after she picked up her items that were dropped, and roughly hold his lover against him then grab her chin and kiss her hard while he grabbed at his lover’s butt. His lover would drop her things again and he wouldn’t let her pick them up after he was done with teaching his lover a lesson.

Azusa Mukami:  He would blush and not look away for a little while until his lover asks him to help her. In his mind as he’s helping his lover, he can’t get the image of his lover’s ass out of his mind. It distracted him so much throughout his day that he didn’t even hurt himself.

Carla Tsukinami:  He would first check if anyone was around like his younger brother Shin and if nobody was around he would pin his lover to the bed from behind and tell her how she has been unknowingly tempting him for the past 5 minutes while she was making the bed. Next step as he’s telling his lover this he would be ‘unknowingly’ teasing his lover back with gentle touches and kisses along her neck.

Shin Tsukinami:  Being the First Blood, he would act very dominant and passionately aggressive towards his lover. He would knock the items that she dropped out of her hands and order her to pick them up slowly as he sat back down and stared at his lover’s ass again; it would come to a point where he would lose his patience after she manages to pick everything up and put the items back in their place around the room and he’d pin his lover to the wall, feeling her up and down underneath her clothes and press his needing body against his lover’s while telling her that he wants to see more.
(Diabolik Lovers) Scenario #1
(Diabolik Lovers)  Scenario #1
How would they react when they saw their lover bent over picking up something or making the bed?

I hope I was on the dot on how they are with seeing and reacting when they see their lover bent over >.<
(Diabolik Lovers) Shin Tsukinami x Reader  


“Shut up!”



“Oh my god! You’re gonna get killed!” I whispered, trying to keep down my voice from frustration as I held the small kitten inside my coat, just arriving in the Tsukinami’s mansion courtyard entrance while it was raining.

You see about an hour ago I was leaving the store from getting some snacks for myself and it was already raining to begin with so it was pretty bad outside. But I heard tiny meowing from inside a cardboard box that was laying on the side of the sidewalk and I found a sad tiny kitten. It won by its cuteness levels reaching over 9000 so out of the kindness of my own heart, without using my head, I took the kitten as my own. I knew I couldn’t abandon it because it couldn’t have survived on its own. I know Shin hates…no change that, despises cats yet his older brother Carla, who’s much stronger than he is, loves cats. Finally escaping the rain walking in the warm house, the kitten seemed to calm down. Heh I guess it already likes its new home. Sparing no time, I made my way to my bedroom but was stopped midway through the main hall by Shin.

“Hey! Why do you smell a little different?” now he was in front of me, inspecting me with his sharp eyes as he smelt around my neck.

“Um no particular reason. Probably the rain…!”

“Meow!” the kitten poked its tiny head out from the collar of my coat.

“WHAT THE F*CK!? WHY THE HELL DID YOU BRING THAT DAMN PEST HOME?!” I held the kitten close to me with my eyes tightly shut as he yelled at the top of his lungs, taking several steps back with his arms in front of him for defense.

Please show up now Carla…

“Shin! Keep your voice down. I could hear your rant from my room where I was in my slumber.”


Carla turned his attention to me, staring at my chest where the kitten was hiding. It only took a few heavy steps for him to be where I was. He took one of my hands away, unzipped my coat halfway and snatched the kitten and held it high with 1 hand by the back of its neck. As he was inspecting the playful kitten, Shin was trying to object on keeping it.
Carla glanced at me from the corner of his eye, narrowing them, “Are you going to be a responsible person and take care of this kitten (Y/n)?”

I nodded fast, “Yes sir!”

“Hmph.” He cracked a faint smile and handed the kitten back to me while Shin was flipping out in the background, “If I ever find out that you’re not taking care of this. I will personally take it myself and punish you afterwards. Understood?” I nodded again with the same answer but more happily.

Once the scene was taken care of, he went back to his room to continue his slumber. My attention was fixated on the kitten, clearly not giving Shin any which made him jealous from how I could sense it. I made my way to my room again, finally not being stopped. After I placed it down as I was closing the door and putting away my coat, the kitten already made a bed for itself near the warm fireplace on a armchair that had a couple of pillows and a small blanket on it. A warm fuzzy feeling grew in my stomach as I watched it sleep.

“I still don’t like cats. And you, (Y/n), are gonna have to deal with it.” Shin whispered in my ear from behind, having his arms wrapped around my waist, pulling me against him tightly.
I softly giggled, turning around and faced him, there was blush already on his face, “Come on. I know you have a soft spot for this one Shin~” I said playfully, “You would’ve fought back more if this kitten didn’t look like you.”

“Tsk. I have no idea what you’re talking about!”
Man is he ever stubborn when he wants to be, “Its eyes…they’re gold like yours and it has a strong attachment to me~”

He growled, clenching his teeth, “Yeah so what if I do!? And for your information it doesn’t outmatch me when it comes to attachment. Besides…” he had me pinned to the bed and he played with a lock of my hair then smelt it and held a mischievous grin, “It can’t do what I’m about to do to you~” he roughly pressed his lips to mine and we started to intimately make-out.

The kitten was being disturbed by the noises it heard so it made its way out of the bedroom. It followed Carla’s scent to his room where he slept; successfully getting into his room, it walked over to him and carefully got into his bed. He was almost asleep until the kitten pounce on him and curled up halfway inside his jacket and fell asleep once again. Carla was about to take it off but his love for cats, especially for kittens that are soundly asleep, overtook him. He rested his head back on his pillow, smiling to himself.
(Diabolik Lovers) Shin x Reader
I did this really late and I hope I didn't make Shin too off character o.o
I would like to announce that the PART 2 of my Free! Hold Still is finished~! and I hope you all enjoy it ~^0^~ I would also like to say that I'm very sorry for the long wait of the PART 2 of this fanfic that everyone's been asking for me to do >0< But I am open for requests, so far I've gotten a few people asking for a Yandere! Mikoto x Reader which is on the way for those wanting it ~^o^~ and finally I would like to thank everybody for supporting my stories ~>w<~ *bows*


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